CRR Nose Creek XC – Race Director’s Report (Jan 14)

It managed to snow during the week after I had kind of figured out my race route so Friday I headed back over to Nose Creek to check out the trails and see what was left of the snow. I got lucky there was only a tiny bit of the snow left from earlier in the week so I was able to keep the route with only one minor change. I enjoyed my run around the route with Xena. Poor Bella, I’m told she whined forever after cause I didn’t take her. Next it was time to make soup. I didn’t have many soup volunteers so I made a large pot of my Chicken Noodle & Lentil as well as a smaller pot of Tomato/Chicken & Lentil and finally a crock pot of Hamburg/Tomato & Macaroni.

Saturday I was up early. I picked up Nikayla & Carrie who had been voluntold to help me with the flagging. It was still a bit chilly but looked at 8:30am but looked like it was gonna be an awesome day by race time (noon). We meandered around the route adding flags and markings so the runners would know where to go. Next I dropped Carrie off at the hall along with my soups. Her other voluntold roll was kitchen help with Jeri. Nikayla and I returned to the race start to find 2 runners already waiting to register.

It wasn’t long after that Jim and our finish line team arrived for setup. We placed the Finish on a ledge just below the parking lot but it meant the runners would do a short uphill, quick left and run through the finish. The start was however down the hill just past some potholes. I didn’t want the runners falling into a couple of large equipment tracks. Heck they were deep enough for a small child to hide in…lol. Actually two young kids volunteered to stand in them for the entire race and direct the runners up the hill to the finish. Now that was cute to watch. I had the kids run straight out and back but the hill to finish. Us adults lined the sides by the potholes so the kids didn’t trip either.

Oh yeah just before the kids 1k run I sent my marshals off to their spots. I had a number of awesome volunteers, many return to help every year. I even had a few with cameras so we could get photos from different parts of the race. Hubby was at one of the “split” locations and was planning to experiment with his new fish eye lens. Links to the photos will be at the bottom of this post. Shortly after noon I lined up the approx 100 runners and gave them the rules/directions, etc. Then it was a “Ready, Set & GO!!!!” I love watching the runners string out to a line of the fastest back to the last few. The line ends up being a few hundred meters long.

It was a pretty easy route this year so it didn’t take long before we saw those doing the longer distance head off on their second loop. It seemed like a lot were doing the longer distance which was close to 7k. Finally a few doing the shorter 4k distance started heading back towards the finish. After watching a few from the finish I moved over to the last little downhill by the fence. It seems a few almost went the wrong way by the fence so I watched from there getting some cool photos and yelling “Down Here”.

The race went over really well with just over 100 runners. The weather was awesome and I had several runners in shorts. I don’t think anyone was disappointed when the “sideways snow” was backordered…lol. We did the usual social wrap up with soup & goodies enjoyed by all. This was my 6th year doing the event. I look forward to next year – Jan 12, 2013.

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