CRR Fish Creek XC – Race Report

Oops just a bit late with this race report. So much to do so little time. Just where does it all go. Oh I know, I’m either training, sleeping or oops playing Farmville (but let’s not go there…lol). So okay, March 12th was the last XC race of the Calgary Roadrunners XC season. What a beautiful day for the last race of this year’s XC season. It was also the same day as the St Patty’s Day Race so to accommodate those doing both races it started at 1pm instead of noon.

I made a Tomato Chicken & Scooby Do Pasta soup to take to the race the day before. Plus for my desert I was bringing Pink Peeps as per a special request from my granddaughter, Nikayla. Nikayla & Carrie did their 40th XC race that day. They got a ride to the race with a friend as he wanted Nikayla to help him make his soup.

Hubby and I rode to the race, dropped off the soup at the hall and headed over to the start. There was a good turnout of runners and a handful that had run the St Patty’s Day race earlier. With it being a nice day, many were in shorts. I was too but I wore tights under mine. I would later find out that that was a good thing.

To get in the full 4k distance, the race director had us walk way over into the field area. Then when the race started we headed back towards what would later be the finish area and headed down our first hill. The hill was okay. I was wearing my new spikes since there was supposedly no mud and yes still some icy areas.

At the base of the hill we headed left and I believe we were running on top of the frozen creek. This was a tricky area with a narrow path and deep sinky corn snow. It was hard to navigate and a slow go for me. I just can’t pick my legs up high enough to navigate that stuff. Ahead I saw a few others struggling with it. Finally my legs gave out and I did a butt plant. Oops. Now what. It seemed to take forever to finally get back on my feet. There was nothing to use for leverage and I’d almost make it up only to sit back down again. Back on my feet I continued.

Eventually the route led to a path that was a little easier travel on. The snow was hard packed and the path was wider. I meandered along the trails but by now was way behind the pack. There’s the back of the pack and then there’s me…lol. Thank goodness it was a beautiful day. This part of the route was also nice and flat, just one little downhill & up when we crossed back over the creek. At that point the 8k split off and then rejoined us again. A few of them a passed by as I ran the next bit. Each called out “Hi” or “way to go, Dawn”. That’s always nice. Gotta love this group!

Off we go towards the hilly part again. Thankfully only those doing the 8k had to do the extra up/downhill loop. It was bad enough that we all ended up in the next crappy section of really deep snow, worse then that first section. I didn’t fall this time. Others did. It was a really slow go and I didn’t think I’d ever make it out of there. Finally it was time to head up the last slope towards the finish. The trail through the trees was much easier to navigate but still somewhat difficult as it was uphill and by now I was tired. The race director, Karen, came back to make sure the last few stragglers (there were some 8k runners still behind me) made it through the last of the treacherous parts. Somewhere along the uphill climb through the trees the path narrowed and was quite slippery. Eventually the path led to the top. Nikayla had long since finished and ran back to see if I was coming yet. Thanks kid! The finish line was in site. Nikayla ran ahead to tell them I was coming. Yeah! I picked it up and crossed the finish with a nice strong sprint.

I was glad to be done but as we had parked so far away I still had half a km to navigate to get back to our vehicle. We finished the day sharing soup and goodies with our friends. Being the last meeting after everyone was gone we had our race directors meeting to review the past year as well as plan for the next year. Oh well that’s it for XC season except for the Awards Banquet on the 26th of March. Til then it’s back to somewhat regular training…..

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