Coach Richelle – AKA “Sarge”

Okay, not sure I mentioned this but well I hired a coach. It’s not that I mind so much being slow but well even us slowpokes want to improve. I needed an extra push, a tad more motivation, you know someone to kick me in the butt (and it’s a big target, no way she can miss…for now). So I was surfing around one day thinking what I should do and well I discovered a friend of mine is a coach.

Hmmm maybe she can help me. I like her, I like her style, she always seems motivated and she works at a great store I like to buy things at – Tri it Multisport. Richelle and I met for coffee to chat over the idea of her being my coach. How it would work, $$$, and much more. With a cheque and a handshake she was hired. So now I am a member of Team Tri Life. Cool!

Richelle sent me my first block of training which started Sept 11 and ran to Oct 3rd. So as of tomorrow I’ve made it through my first “coached” month of training. Now like any plan there’s always room for some flexibility. The key I’m told it to try and do at least 80% of the workouts. I haven’t done the math but I think I was successful. I workout 6 days a week – 1 rest day. The workouts include 3 swims, 3 bike rides and 3 runs so yes there is some doubling up. Also since the Vegas half in December is my “A” race, there is a long run every week which is getting longer and longer. Last year I did the Vegas half in 3:16. This year I want to beat that time and finish in under 3hrs. My other goal is to work on improving my triathlon skills.

I think I did pretty good for the first block. I did most of the swims, some of the bike and all of the runs. I’ve got my next block which goes to the end of October. Glancing ahead it looks good. Scary but good. By the end of October my LSD is 18km…yikes.

I jokingly nicknamed Richelle, “Sarge” and she loves it. She may be a drill sargent but the plan is working. I’ve dropped 8 pounds!!!! Woohooo! And while I didn’t do a 100% of the assigned workouts I did a lot more then I would have if she wasn’t around to kick my butt. So thank you “Sarge” – You Rock!!!