Cleaning Out My Closet

So as I’ve said in other posts, this year’s theme is “Getting Back To it”. Part of getting back to it includes getting back to a healthy weight. So with that in mind back at the beginning of January I started tracking everything I eat in I’ve used the site previously with some success but well it was time to get back to it. I’ve recorded everything I eat faithfully since Jan 1.

What this does is allow me to budget what I eat. You can eat what you like just try to stick to the limits you set. Below is a sample of my limits and how I did the past week.

So what does this mean in the terms of food? Well here’s my menu sampler:
Breakfast: one of three typical choices

  • egg, veggies (onion, mushroom & peppers) bacon bits, cheese served on a bed of spinach with a side of salsa.
  • Fibre1 original, yogurt & berries
  • Fibre1 clusters, skim milk & berries (&/or banana)

Lunch: a variety of salads or homemad soups

  • Chicken soup – low sodium broth, lentils, veggies and 4oz chicken
  • Salad – spinach, onion, pepper, mushroom & 4oz chicken
  • Subway – 6″ honey oat (scoop out part of bun) lots of veggies, chicken breast and tiny squirt of lite mayo, pepper

Dinner: So what’s left on the budget?

  • 4-6oz of beef or chicken (depending on balance) salad similar to lunch
  • 4-6oz of beef or chicken (depending on balance) with a variety of veggies done in a stir fry using chicken broth as a base
  • 4-6oz of beef or chicken(depending on balance) with brussel srpouts

Snacks: I allow myself a snack in the morning, afternoon and evening. What I have depends on activities planned for the day. Typically it’s about 20 almonds, fruit, healthy cracker & peanut butter, celery & peanut butter, apple & peanut butter are just a few I enjoy.

Those are typical days and only a sample of my menu. Now just like everyone there are things I enjoy that may not quite be on the list but I occasionally budget for them. So yes we have had pizza but instead of eating half the pie I have 2 or 3 pieces depending on the pizza size. I also have chocolate but all this in moderation. Remember “a moment on the lips can mean forever on the hips”.

Of course the “budget” can be increased on any day I do a major workout. As I have been streaking (working out everyday) since Feb 1, staying active has helped. So how am I doing….well I’m down 19 pounds and that means the clothes are falling off so I’m cleaning out my closet.