Class of ’72 – 40th reunion & Vacation in NB

Another reason I was excited and extremely happy the Dr said it was ok to get back in the pool was my trip to Fredericton New Brunswick. I would be staying at a hotel with a pool and it would have been a waste not to be able to swim in it.

Oh why was I going there? Well I graduated from LCC High School in Labrador City Newfoundland back in 1972. For the past year or so we have been planning our 40th reunion. We chose Fredericton as some of our classmates currently live there and it was an easy inexpensive location to meet up. It really turned out to be a great choice. The hotel was awesome with one of the largest patios I’ve ever seen. The patio overlooked the St John River and we spent a lot of time relaxing there. 🙂

The pool was adjacent to the patio and another favorite hangout for me while I was there. I was in the pool all but one day, swimming well over 5k over 7 days. Not bad for someone who had not been in the water for the past 6 months. The swims felt great. While there I also did 2 or 3 slow runs and a ton of walking. Heck one day I logged over 20,000 steps on my pedometer as well as a 750 meter swim.

Oh yeah as well as staying very active while there I did a lot of exploring of the area. It’s a beautiful quiet little city especially compared to the hustle and bustle of Calgary. I really enjoyed the peacefullness and found it a nice relaxing holiday. I had arrived there on July 1st so even got to enjoy their amazing fireworks display that evening.

Many of our reunion group did not start arriving until Wednesday, Thursday or later in the week. Thursday was a small dinner at a chinese buffet for a few of us. Friday more arrived and we had a larger dinner party. The hotel was host of a River Jam that evening with a ton of bands playing in various areas of the hotel so for $20 we had a fabulous time drinking, dancing and catching up on the past 40 years.

Saturday we all went exploring about town. It started out as a lovely sunny day but there was a freak thunderstorm that trapped us under a large tree and then finally we ran to a local pub to wait it out. When it was finally over we wandered along the river pathway to the lighthouse where did a little shopping and then meandered back along the pathway to the hotel. Frederiction has a lot of great running/cycling paths.

That evening was the major gathering of the class of 72. We shared an awesome dinner and lots of great conversation. The evening didn’t end there as it went well into the wee hours of the morning at the hotel. I had gotten a little too much sun that day so called it an early evening at around 2am.

Sunday was a sad day. We said goodbye after breakfast to many who had joined us. Time flys far to fast when you are having fun. I went for a run but returned in time to have a drink with a few more of my classmates before they left. Sunday was the only day I never made it to the pool. Those of us that remained spent the rest of the day on the patio. We followed that with a buffet dinner at the nearby restaurant. Their weekend buffet is amazing and consists of way more seafood then I could ever eat. I should mention that I did my best to feast on whatever seafood or chowders I could while there. Good thing I stayed active as with all that I ate, I did not gain a single pound while on vacation.

Monday, my final day in Frederiction. I woke up at like 6am and waved goodbye to 2 more classmates as they rode off on their motorbikes. Many had driven to the reunion and were now off to visit other areas in the Maritimes. I cleaned up and packed up my room then went to the pool for one last swim before checking out. My plane wasn’t until later in the afternoon so I then went for a walk. Another classmate drove me to the airport and I was on my way home.

Monday was a long long day. There is a 3 hour time difference between NB and Calgary which means I was technically up at 3am. What was I thinking. I did not get home or in bed until nearly midnight Calgary time, yikes! Despite being tired and suffering from a little jet lagged I had an amazing time and was so wishing for a “do over”. The holiday and reunion had gone by far too fast. Many of us posted similar messages on Facebook. Guess we will have to plan for another reunion very very soon.

Photos of reunion and vacation