Chinook Olympic Triathlon – DNF

I had such high hopes for race day, June 18th but well it just wasn’t my day. Rather then rewrite things the best way to sum up the day was the email I sent to my coach after returning home.

Today was a DNF. I had a good swim. Not sure but I think I beat last years time by a few minutes and I wasn’t the last one out of the water. I was however the last to leave transition and I felt pretty good as I left. At least I was in good spirits. I even managed a decent pace as I headed out for the first couple of k. Once I hit HWY 22 it was a different story. Between the wind and the hills my speed died. I could no longer see that last guy. Darren doen’t remember seeing him at the turn around either so not sure if he finished or not. With each hill I struggled more and my legs were not liking me at all. Last hill just before the turn around was the straw that broke the camels back. My legs completely cramped up and I had a shooting pain from my groin to my toes. It has continued off and on since. At the turn around I stopped and cried. I told Darren who had been patiently waiting for me there that I could go no further. It had taken me over 1 1/2 hrs to get there and I had less then 50 minutes do make it back for the 1pm bike cut off. I did not have the strength left in me to finish.

We put my bike in the car and drove off with me in tears. You know I hate not to finish anything. I am not a quitter but today was not my day. There will be other races and other days. I mean a week or so ago we weren’t even sure I should be doing the event so I am not going to beat myself up for not finishing. DNF also stands for Did Nothing Foolish ( or Did not Fart…lol). All I can do is take away from it what worked and work on what didn’t.

Back at the start/finish area I handed in my chip and signed up for a massage. That helped somewhat but the aching is still there a bit. She said my hip flexors were really tight so maybe that was the problem. Who knows. I had some good eats, drank my fluids and visited for a bit with friends. Still a good day despite the disappointing “non-finish”. Even Carla said not to beat up on myself she thought the wind sucked on the ride, too. With all the hugs I got from everyone it was pretty hard to remain “feeling bad” about it all. The one thing I love about these events is how supportive everyone really is regardless of ones level of athleticism.

Chinook Tri is still the best triathlon and I will kick it in the butt next year.

Please give a big thanks to Brian, Rose, yourself and the rest of the Tri it gang. You guys rock! The wetsuit worked really well and the fit was perfect. I had a fabulous swim but I know a few areas to work on to improve for next year.

Tonight I relax, drink my champagne anyhow and tomorrow will be another day.

I felt pretty crappy about having to bail and it is still bugging me a bit. However, the email reply I got back from my coach was awesome. She is such an amazing coach. Thanks Richelle. Here’s the reply she sent me.

Dawn you have simply an amazing attitude and your drive and energy inspires me. Today was a hard day and over and over all day I have heard the wind took a lot out of people. I ask that all my athletes have a positive attitude and learn from every race no matter a PB or a DNF and everything in between. A true athlete constantly works and evaluates their training and racing and you do that. You are a joy to coach and have as a friend.
Congratulations on accomplishing all you did today! I am proud of you girl! Enjoy your celebration tonight with champagne and as homework you have to cheers Darren to 3 accomplishments that you must tell him about the day.
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I took Richelle’s advice that night and celebrated the good things about the day.

      1. I mean only a week ago I was unsure I could even start the race so starting was a plus
      2. I had a great swim
      3. I have the best husband ever who supported me through the whole thing

That’s just 3 things and really I have so much more I can celebrate. So yeah it was a DNF but in the grand scheme of things I live to do it again.

Chinook Triathlon is still the best ever triathlon, whether you win, place or DNF. I’ll be back!!!

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