Chestermere Triathlon – July 15, 2012

While I was on vacation I did so much swimming I thought maybe I could do a short triathlon so I signed up for the Chestermere Tri it distance. I had done the sprint there in 2011 and loved it so why not.

As part of the GCC I posted my tri report in hopes of winning a golden pedometer for my story. I won the golden pedometer! I still can’t believe it but my story was chosen among the many great “golden” stories. So here is my race report.


Last but that’s GCC Gold – I started doing triathlons 2 years ago at age 55. Early this year due to procedures required to fix a vision issue I was unable to do some of the training that would allow me to compete this year.

In June I got the ok from my Dr to get back in the pool so while on vacation I swam every day – great for adding up steps. The swims went so well I thought, “why not at least do a tri it distance”. So from my hotel room I logged on and registered to do a triathlon the weekend after I returned home. My swimming was ready and with all the walking I had been doing thanks to GCC my only worry was the bike.

The day before the triathlon I road my bike for 5k, just shy of half the distance I would need to do the next day. After a quick transition I went for a 1k run, again approx half of what I would do the next day. This practice was to see how I was on the bike and to practice my transition. It’s also a great way to ensure you have all the gear you will need for the 3 sports on race day. I was ready and my nerves were calm, well at least for that evening.

Sunday morning July 15 I was up early. Hubby drove me to the event, he’s my support and photographer. It was great seeing many of my athlete friends there. I was so happy to be there I smiled despite my nervous tummy. I chased any negative thoughts away with that smile as well. As usual they mixed up the schedule instead of being the first wave to start we were now third. Okay, that gave me time to do a warm up swim. Not letting anything chase away my smile.

Finally our wave was in the water. Smiling while swimming is not always a good idea, so I swallowed a little water. At least lake water does not taste of chlorine…lol. Yeah, I was not last out of the water. I was however last to leave transition as my shorts stuck to my wet body, oops.

Off on the bike I went on the bike, my least favorite part. It went amazingly well and despite again being last into transition, I smiled and continued onto the run. I saw hubby taking photos everywhere I went. The short run along the lake and up into the community was slow but I didn’t care, I was doing it.

The finish line was soon in site. I heard the crowd cheering and the announcer said “now that’s the biggest smile you will see at any event”. He was right, nothing could wipe the smile off my face, not even being last. I wore my medal proudly and that to me is GCC Gold!

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