Catching Up Continued…

And so the saga continues. Like myself ,Susie is trying to keep up her spirits in the face of her father’s illness. She did manage to get a great run thinking she’s a rock like her dad. Our parents gave us the gift of life, they raise us with the gift of love and as time passes they often give us the gift of determination, strength and survival. Speaking of gifts, Frolicking Filly (Heather) came home to find a box of chocolates from our buddy Jon. Nice surprise, eh. Now speaking of Jon, well we all know how close he and Pam are. Sometimes they act like they’re brother and sister, so its likely his fault that Pam’s site has gone to the dogs. Then I got all in a tither when I saw the title on Jank’s post ” Rumors of Blogging’s Death” ….nooooooooooooo can’t be true. You’ll have to go check it out. Don’t worry Blogland isn’t dying but sadly fellow bloggers do come and go. If you scroll down on my friend Sarah’s page you’ll find a post she has written about it.

My congrats to Brent over at Poignant Irrelevance , he broke 53 minutes and scored a new PR for his 10k race today. Way to go Brent! Then there’s another Dawn, actually she goes by Dawnie, whose earned congrats for the relay race her and the smurfs recently finished. I read over at Rachel’s that several RBFers ran either the half or the full over at the Country Music Marathon. Both Rachel and Brent set PRs. Way to go! Not sure how she did but NYflygirl promises a race report soon. With a little luck we can also congratulate JKRunning later in the year as she’s finally picked a race to run.

Now I’ve already sent my congrats but did you know that Yvonne over at Personal Record is having a baby. Speaking of babies, if you like quilts and baby pictures, head on over to see Running Stitch. Don’t forget to wish her a belated Happy Birthday. Running from My House also celebrated a birthday of sorts last week – Blog Birthday.

Oh yes, I’ve been tagged but that list is for another post. I got tagged by Russ (Old Runner New Goals). I think it was revenge for me tagging him eons ago. I stopped by Bev’s place to find she had been tagged as well. So one tag leads you to another blogger and so on. Speaking of posts that lead you all over the place, besides this one. That dang Skirt Challenge keeps popping up. Jeanne (not born to run) has a reminder about it on her site and Bex even did a review on a running skirt. Susan also did an awesome writeup/review of the skirts sold by But watch out for the snake if you head over to visit her. I think everyone should have one of the skirts (not the snake)…lol. Like Laura, I likely won’t by them until they are made in bigger sizes. If she needs an XL, I’d likely need a XXXL…lol.

Not sure if you remember or not, but I’m originally from New Brunswick, a small town called Sackville over near the east coast. That’s why I started reading Mike. I found him through Andrew and heh, I have another east coaster but he’s from Nova Scotia – Rob Runner. I did spend a few years in Nova Scotia as well. The east coast of Canada is a beautiful place to live, visit and run. I hope to get back out that way someday.

Sometimes ya know its all about the plan. Doesn’t matter whether you’re training for a race or just living, there’s always a plan or a goal you strive for. So while Mia has been in a bit of a funk, she’s come up with this great plan to get motivated. Ya just gotta read about it.

Speaking of plans, I must get back to my plans for tomorrow’s race so that’s it for roundup number 2 and I still have more posts to read. *sigh* Catch you on the flipside…..