Calgary Marathon – Volunteer Stuff

Life and training seem to keep getting in the way of my blogging. Last month has been really busy.

After my Tri I spent time getting ready and doing all the tasks around coordinating the volunteers for the Calgary Marathon. As volunteer coordinator, I organize all the volunteer lists and send them out to the rest of the organizing committee. I also help plan how to feed our volunteers and help to recruit more. It’s a fun job but gets very busy the week before the race and stays that way pretty much up to race day.

Race day my job is done so I volunteer in other areas of the race. Last year I helped around the race site and the VIP tent. This year well I really needed to get some more time on my bike so I volunteered to be “bike sweep” for the half marathon distance. I’m not fast on my bike so I figured that would be a good choice.

Now I thought that was a good idea until the weather man decided to send a little cold weather and snow our way. What the heck it was May and Calgary always gets at least one snow storm in May. Thankfully it wasn’t as nasty as it had been in some years. By Sunday it was still cool but the snow was just a few light flakes and more like a light rain but really not that wet.

I started out near the back of the pack and at the one km marker waited for the last runner to go by. I saw a few stragglers and thought I had the last one in sight then I heard one of the volunteer marshals yell there were two more coming across the bridge about 300m behind me. As we had a late start by the time we got through the zoo area and into Inglewood I had to put them up on the sidewalks for the meander through that area and all along 17th. As the sweep it was also my roll to relieve marshals, volunteers and the police along the way. We were quite late so many were already packing up and ready to leave. It brought back memories of my being the last runner.

The pair of ladies I was riding behind were great. They did some run/walk and when walking we chatted. At the end of 17th Ave we were about to turn the corner and head north on 14th St when 7 walkers stepped out of the coffee shop on the corner. All were wearing half marathon bibs so I let the two ladies I had been riding with go and picked up the new group. Five of them carried on and I was left with 2 ladies to follow along the out & back of Memorial. It was a slow go but I got to take lots of photos and watch some of the lead runners heading back from the turn around.

Anyhow it ended up taking me 4 1/2 hours to finish sweeping the half marathon with these last two ladies. It was only 21k but it was a good workout for staying in the saddle for a long time. I joked with the bike captain that maybe next year I’d rather be

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