Busy Week – Busy Day

So Wednesday instead of running with my group I headed off to pick up my race package for tonight’s EMS Ambulance Chaser 5k. Okay so I work downtown and Strides Running Store according to GMaps it was less then 5km. Cool, that would be a perfect workout. NOT!

While I did bring shorts and a tech shirt, but I didn’t plan for 26C. I mean it is October and that white stuff will likely be in the air any day now. Not so on Wednesday, it was a scorcher, so I opted to walk instead of run. Heh, at least it was still a workout. I headed out just after 4:30 and meandered southwest. I made it to 14th St and looked south. OMG, I forgot about the hills. How could I forget about the hills. Hmmm, what to do. I opted to continued west. Ack another hill. I looked South, okay so it was still a hill but it was an easier hill. I meandered South then West and alternating until I was feeling nearly dead. Was there ever to be an end to the hills…sheesh! Finally with three blocks to go it was downhill.

I wandered into the store sweaty, tired and sore. My legs did not like me. Heck I did not like me at that point…lol. Anyhow, I found a cool pink tech shirt on sale. Too sweaty to try it on I gambled and bought it anyway. I picked up my race package as well and then waited for Darren. I had called him to come pick me up as I walked the last three blocks. While waiting I chatted with some running buddies.

Oh yeah, by the way our truck died on Wednesday. Thankfully we got it repaired for a reasonable price, well sort of. Now hubby is searching for a possible new vehicle. The truck is getting old and everytime we turn around it’s in need of repair.

Thursday was the last day at the office this week. At lunch I went for another torture physio session. But I suppose suffering for a few minutes with Ian is worth it if I can finally run without pain. I left the office a tad sore from the manipulating but my legs were working much better. There was almost a skip in my step…cool. 🙂

Last night, it was off to my final night at the 5k running clinic. Last night we chatted about race tips and such. Sunday is the goal race for the gang – Run for the Cure 5k. Oh by the way on Sunday, I’m not racing. I’ll be there as the “coach”. I’ve really enjoyed the last three clinics I instructed but am taking a break. I’ll still head over there most Wednesdays to run with my friends but Sundays I may choose to sleep in as the weather gets colder and instead run later in the day when it’s warmer. I’m a bit sad to be taking a break but excited about moving on to working on ME. After our chat the speedy ones headed out and did a full 5k, I opted to test my legs with a slower run/walk around the pond. They felt great but I wanted to save them for today’s race.

On to today. I slept in only a little bit. Then I was up and have already done three loads of laundry. I emptied and refilled the dishwasher. As well I made a large pot of homemade chicken soup for tomorrow’s race. Oh did I forget to mention tomorrow is our first XC race of the season. Yikes, yes, two races in a row. Such a silly girl. During all that I worked on building a new set for my Ipod Shuffle. Time for some new tunes. After my chores I showered and dressed for tonight’s race. I also discovered a couple of bruises from yesterday’s torture session. Oops I forgot how easily I bruised. But heh what’s a few bruises if the pain is gone and yes I feel good about tonight. Nervous, but good.

Anyhow that’s it for now. I gotta head out soon. Have a great weekend everyone and I’ll try to be quicker about posting my race reports for this weekend then I have about posting other stuff lately…lol.