2013JanSunriseHubby was up early and snapping photos of the sunrise. I took the opportunity to sleep in one last time. Yup it’s back to work on Monday. I’ve enjoyed my last 2 weeks off. However it’s time to get back to reality and onto a great year, well at least better then 2012. I’ve drafted a summary of last year but it still needs work and will hopefully be posted shortly but for now rather then worry about what needs to be done, I’m just gonna do what I can.

So for today….

Some might say noon is late for breakfast, but I say breakfast is awesome anytime of day. 1 egg scrambled with cheese, mushrooms & bacon plated over a bed of spinach/mixed greens with a side of mild salsa and 1 jap orange. Looks like a healthy way to start the day. Will be followed by a fun trail run later. So what are you doing that’s healthy today?

Oh yeah, one more thing. I started this month at again an all time high of 240 but as of this morning I am 233. 7 down and more to go.