Because Someone Asked

Okay, I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m shrinking. Yup down 23 pounds. It all started last November when I stopped taking Lipitor. I have cholesterol reading slightly higher then my Dr would like me to have. Along with my family history and high blood pressure, the Dr was concerned. She prescribed Lipitor back in January. Shortly after side effect kicked in such as terrible muscle pain. Bad enough that some days I could barely walk let alone run. At first I thought it was just overtraining, you know me. Anyhow after months of that and other symptoms I decided maybe it was the Lipitor and went off of it.

By the end of the year I had dropped 10 pounds even through Christmas but then I hit a plateau and didn’t seem to be losing anything. What to do? I thought about Jenny Craig or LA Weight Loss but would such programs be sustainable after the fact. Plus I hate having to drive out of my way for weekly weigh ins, etc. A friend of mine mentioned to another on Facebook. I decided I would also check it out, after all it’s a FREE site. What could it hurt?

After signing up and exploring the site, I was amazed at all it had to offer. I’m still amazed at in some ways how it has made it easy for me to say on track with my weight loss program. Since signing up in mid February I’ve dropped another 13 pounds and about 10 inches. I’ve dropped two dress sizes since the end of November. I’ve packed away oversize clothes and will continue to do that over the next months. My goal is a big one much like many of the contestants on The Biggest Loser. All totalled I want to lose about 110 pounds, pretty much another person. The plan isn’t to do it quickly, I will take about a year to do so. I want to be healthy and smart about it.

Below is a sample of the record of a typical day on my plan. As you can see I still get to have some treats. Depriving oneself is not the best way to lose weight. For me doing so has often meant binging. Instead I am allowing myself things I like. It’s about learning choices and moderation.

The REMOVE buttons allow you to remove an item if you decide not to eat it. The links for the items allow you to edit quantities based on whether you are ahead or behind on limits for the day and if you like a particular meal, want to have it on another day you can copy it ahead then adjust it as necessary. You can also let the program plan your meals and produce a grocery list.

So there ya have it. Well it’s lunch time and I must go find something to eat…..