BackStreet Boys

My office occasionally gives tickets away to various events. All you do to enter is send an email with the subject line being whatever the event is they are offering tickets to. So on Aug 28th, I sent of an email with BSB as the subject line. An hour later I got a call – I won the tickets! Woohooo!

Now I likely would not buy tickets to see BackStreet Boys. I mean I like some of their stuff and all but well I just didn’t think they were worth spending over $80 for decent seats. I also knew hubby would not go so I asked a coworker. They only sold about 7000 tickets so we “upgraded” our seats and moved over a few sections so we ended up with a pretty awesome view of the show.

The opening act was Girlicious. They are a new girl group formed as part of a reality show staged by the Pussycat Dolls. I’d heard of them before – there was an article in the local paper recently. Anyhow, they were okay. I wish I could move like them. Heck I think I lost 10 pounds just watching them dance for their short set.

The break between them and BSB seemed to take forever. Naomi and I had a good laugh “crowd watching”. Finally Backstreet Boys hit the stage. The appeared for the first song in “Boxing outfits” in a Boxing ring. They did several outfit changes throughout the evening and played a variety of music from soft dance pop stuff to even one song you could almost call hard rock. Surprisingly we both found ourselves really enjoying the show. And while I said earlier I would not of paid the ticket price, had I paid it I would have felt I got my money’s worth.