April Summarized & YTD

Yet another month of running or whatever done. So how did I do? Well not bad as far as running goes but still kind of slack in cycling or swimming.

                Planned            Actual
    Jan          98km                  97km
    Feb          97km               128km
    Mar       130km                117km
    Apr       124 km               120km
  YTD        442km              462km

So I’m ahead of the game with my running. How are you doing with your goals so far this year?

EDIT: A comment from Nancy reminded me I forgot to add my plans for May. So I am editing to add this to my post

– Running will be about the same around 120km.
– Cycling will hopefully be 200km or so. (current YTD = 7km)
– Swimming, was in the plans but I am a few $$$ short on funds to renew my pool membership. ( current YTD=744meters)