Anyone Want a Cold?

Okay I think I’ve used this title before, but I don’t think there are any rules about recyling titles, are there???? Sorry for not posting for a couple of days but I haven’t been spending much time on my computer at home. I’ve been trying to rest and get rid of this dang cold. So far, it really isn’t working. I’m just sick enough to be a tad miserable but not really sick enough to spend all day in bed. Its one of those things where you feel like crap when you first wake up. Then as the day progresses you feel a bit better, only coughing now and then. Finally shortly after dinner you start to feel miserable again. For me each evening a minor fever has been added to that as well. As for drugs, because of my high blood pressure I can’t take much more than Advil or Tylenol.

So no I didn’t run on Thursday. I did a short walk on Friday with Nikayla. I picked her up at Daycare and she spent last night with us. Today she is going to be my little helper as I catch up on the housework and then her & I will head out for a little walk/run training. After all she has to do a little training for her upcoming 5km race on Mothers’ Day (next Sunday).

I’m hoping tomorrow I will be up to a longish run but haven’t decided just how long. I think I will let my body tell me that tomorrow. Have a great weekend, I’ll be back later.