After Christmas but not quite 2009

As I mentioned earlier we relaxed on Boxing Day and actually we did that pretty much the whole weekend. Except for Sunday. Sunday is normally “run club” morning but well I hadn’t been to “run club” in like forever – giving the legs a much needed break. Like I said normally, but instead I opted to sleep in and let things warm up outside before heading out. Good plan, it had snowed and from what I hear it was a tough & slow run for those that did go to “run club.

By waiting until around lunch to do my run not only was it warmer but I managed to find for the most part that sidewalks had been shovelled. It was still a bit really slow. It took me over half an hour to do just over 3k..ack! I hear it took some people 3 hours to do 13k so I don’t feel so bad…lol. I did a meandering route through the neighborhood and made my way to the Running Room. It was package pickup day for the up coming race on New Years Eve. I picked up my jacket (perks of the race), number and bought some new socks. I had a gift certificate & a 30% off coupon I needed to use up. After that I hit Cobs Bakery for some bread and it was off to get groceries. Hubby picked me up when I was done.

Monday it was back to work for three days. It was quiet but there was enough to keep us busy. On Wednesday I was the only one in the area. It was extremely quiet working by I had volunteered to work as I had to be downtown anyhow for my race. Oh yeah the race…well that’s a story for another post…lol.