A Work in Progress

At the beginning of the year I wasn’t feeling to great. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my right knee in 2015. I kind of let everything fall apart. Wasn’t supposed to run, my cycling was painful and the only thing left was swimming so I kind of had a why bother attitude.

Oh yeah, I did do all the Calgary Roadrunners XC race series but it was a struggle. I often took a half hour head start and still finish last. But on the plus side, I did finish. Anyways in January once again weighing more than I should, I opted to change things up.

I lost the first few pounds on my own but then joined a 10 week program put on by a friend – Recovering Couch Potato Fitness. With Cory’s program I lost the weight a bit quicker. After 10 weeks I continued on my own. Today I am 34 pounds lighter. I’m not done, it’s still a work in progress.

The recipes I’ll be posting here are what has helped. The biggest change I’ve made is I track 99% of what I eat in an free app from SparkPeople. I stick to under 1800 calories and most days I eat a whole avocado. Yes, I’m addicted to avocados…lol.

The knee is still an issue but I keep moving, mostly swimming, but I have been out on my bike and might even go for a run one of these days. I’m also going for a second opinion on what to do about my knee at the end of August. Hopefully I get some better news and options this time around.

Also it’s Stampede which may present the biggest challenge in the weight loss regime. Happy Stampeding!!!