A Snowy Run

It snowed all last night and was still snowing this morning when I got up. I had to drag hubby out of bed. He had no desire to go running in the snow. “Are you nuts!” I should have replied yes but didn’t…lol. I dressed and made us our breakfast shakes while he layed in bed for an extra 10 minutes.

The roads were a tad snowy and still not cleared but we made it there safely. It was pretty messy out so I opted to run around the lake. I started out with one of the 5k run club members but it didn’t take her long to be way ahead of me. She was running a good pace and doing sets of 10/1. I opted to stick with my sets of 5/1.

Hubby despite his complaining headed out with the speedy 5k runners and ran 3 sets of 10/1. We met up in Cobbs Bakery after to pick up the usual – 2 cinamin buns for him and some cape seed bread for me. I’ve become addicted to the stuff, actually so has half the run club and we all usually head in there after our Sunday morning run.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention before the run, Deb says “heh, did you know you are in the Running Room Ad for the Vegas Race?” No I didn’t but I checked it out when I got home. Yup, that’s me in the front, center with the white shirt and pink hat…lol.

Later this week I’m doing a motivation chat for Deb’s Walking Clinic. This all reminded me of the video I’m in on “Why I Run” that was done when I was in Vegas.

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Then while I was there I found this other vedeo taken in Vegas….omg….Canadians, including me singing the National Anthem. Thankfully we run better then we sing…lol. Oh yeah I’m in the middle about half way up the stairs on this one.

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Hope everyone had a great weekend.