A Long Swim

Okay, a long swim for me, but maybe not others. I went to the pool right after work today. The lanes were empty, yeah! Unfortunately they didn’t stay that way long. There’s only two lanes for swimming the rest of the pool is all fun and games areas, mostly for kids.

By the time I was half way through my laps there was 4 of us in each lane. Thankfully we worked well together and there were no collisions. I also wore my Ironman watch. I won it a couple of years ago. Its waterproof and for a change I could time my swim. Now I have no idea what a fast or slow time for swimming really is. But at least this way I will see if I improve.

For the first set of ten laps (each lap is 25 meters) I took a break at the end of each lap, stopping my watch while I rested. I suspect my fastest lap was 1:02 but others took a tad longer. I finished the first set of 10 laps in 10:54. At the end of the second set my time was just over 22 minutes. I was feeling good and continued again for another 10 laps. During that set I decided, to heck with it, I was doing 40 tonight. So yup some 45:32 minutes later I was done all 45 laps or an ave of 1:13 per lap.

I relaxed for a bit in the hot tub after. I chatted with a couple of other lane swimmers. The wife was training for her first tri. Hubby was an ironman. Should have known by how well he swam.

To tuckered to jog home after I had hubby pick me up. Now I’m famished!