A Little Rest & Back to Training

They say there’s no rest for the weary, well that’s not quite true. My coach was a sweetheart and gave me a week off after Vegas. For the most part I was a good girl and did as I was told. Tuesday I slept in for a long time then spent the rest of the day unpacking, uploading photos and catching up on other PC stuff.

I also thankfully had Wednesday off. Wednesday I did a short run but it was only about 2k from my house to the Running Room. I stayed long enough to say hi, show off my medal and then headed to the Pub where I met hubby and a friend for ribs and beer. The rest of the week I did no workouts whatsoever.

This week has however been a different story. I started off with riding my bike on Monday. I had to get used to riding all over again as I had the clipless pedals put back on over the weekend. Once I got my seat adjusted I rode for about 25 minutes.

Tuesday the plan called for a swim and a run. I opted to do just the run. I wore a nice long sweater dress over my running gear so I looked sort of professional for the office and at the end of the day it was a quick change so I could go for my run. The weather was kind of crappy so I decided to ride the bus all the way home. However when I got off I did not walk that last block home. Instead I did a large loop around the neighborhood to get in a nice 30 minute run, exactly what the plan called for.

As Wednesday was to be our last spin class for this session we were having a potluck so I spent part of Tuesday making some seafood wraps for the potluck. I also hauled my bike upstairs but didn’t load it into the car until Wednesday just befor heading out to spin class.

Spin class was awesome. Wanna see how much fun we have at our spin class…

Anyhow it was a short class on Wednesday, just an hour but Richelle made us work for the appys everyone had brought to eat. We did 3 sets of 10 minutes alternating between 30 seconds easy and 30 seconds hard. Then we followed it with sets of alternating legs. The snacks after were great.

Thursday the weather again sucked so I skipped the run I was going to do. No biggy, I made up for it by running a 5k charity run on Friday. I’ll tell you all about that in yet another post, maybe tomorrow. I’m done blogging for tonight.

Later all hope life is going well for you all.