A Challenge for January 2006

Enjoy your Christmas and eat hearty. You will need your strength for January’ s Challenge issued by Karen. Mind you, just how much you need will be up to you. I have yet to decide how far away the trip to Frostbite Falls is for me. Nor have I decided just how I will get there. Check out the details on the RBF page.

Origin of the Challenge
Frostbite Falls Rocky the Squirrel and Bullwinkle Moose are wanting company at Frosbite Falls, Minnesota again this year. For those who do not know what Frostbite Falls is let me introduce this tradition. There is an old cartoon
known as Bullwinkle. We have borrowed from the cartoon. Each January, the Penguins try to predict how far it is from where they live to Frostbite Falls (FBF). They often state what they are going to bring, usually a food item to share with all, and how far it is from Frostbite Falls. The food item may be something from your area or simply something you believe the whole group will enjoy. We must watch out for Boris and Natasha, the bad guys in the cartoon, anything that might keep us from achieving the goal.

This is a virtual challenge. Once you get there the place becomes whatever you and your friends want it to be. By the way, some people used to stretch the month by a day or two when they could not make it.

Track your progress
Once I have laid my route and plans I can use this great Excel Workbook. I have linked it here and will add it to my Training & Tips section. Feel free to use it if you like. The Workbook has a sheet for tracking your current activities – running, cycling and swimming. It has a tab to plot your goals for 2006 and some extra sheets with training plans and places to track race results etc.

If you have questions on how to use or tips for improving the 2007 version, just comment and I will reply.

All the best in 2006 my friend and see you at Frostbite Falls.

2006 Chart your Activities