2014 The Best is Yet to Come!

After a year of many changes, comes a year with many improvements and big goals. Yes lots in the works for 2014. My race calender hasn’t been completely set in stone but here’s what I’m putting on my schedule.

  • Lots of training…lol. Gonna need it to make it through all these races.
  • Lose another 40 to 50 pounds. Starting year at 193, ending hopefully around 145.
  • Finish all the 2013/14 Calgary Roadrunner XC race series. I’m halfway there.
  • March – CRR St Patty’s Day 10k
  • April – Calgary Police Half Marathon
  • May – Airdrie Tri this Triathlon
  • June – Calgary Half Marathon
  •          – Underwear Affair 10k
  •          – Chinook Olympic Triathlon
  • July – IM 70.3 (run/swim, a friend is doing the bike)
  • Aug – Lake Chaparral Tri (Sprint)
  • Fall – TBD

I’ll try to keep you posted on how my training, weight loss and events are going but heh as the year gets busy you know me, my blog gets a tad ignored. Sorry…lol.

Hope you all have an amazing 2014. I plan to!!!