2014 Planning Calendars

For those who like to plan and track their training here are two logs I have created for that purpose. I’m a geek…lol. I use the LogStyle but have friends that prefer the Calendar Style

The Calendar Log – It is a calendar format with two tabs – one for planning and one for actual workouts. It has room for 3 activities. I have labeled as swim, bike, run for triathletes but if you do other activities you may relable. There is also a cell for comments. It provides weekly, monthly and YTD totals. Click link below to download the file.

The Log Style – It is more of a long list with 3 rows for each day of the year. The grey section on the left is your “planning” area. You can list up to 3 activities per day and indicated distance, time, etc. The Actual area allows you to record what you really did and track various stats, comments, even the mileage you put on your runners. The stats tab is a number of pivot tables that is you right click on each and select refresh data will update with your weekly, monthly totals for the activities you do. Click link below to download the file.

Got questions or spot any errors, let me know. These are only tools to plan or track your training, hopefully they will motivate you and keep you on track but that is all up to you. I hope you have an amazing 2014 no matter what you have planned.