2013 – Planning Calendars & Logs

For those who like to track their workouts here are a couple of versions of spreadsheets for tracking your workouts.

2013 Calendar Log – This version is a calendar layout. The first tab is for what you actually do. It has a row for 3 sports – swim, bike and run. It tallies the kms weekly, monthly and year to date. The second sheet in this workbook is for planning what you want to do.

2013 Log Layout – This one is a long list by date/day. It has columns for planning and for what you actually do as well there is a tab for tracking various stats and one for tracking results of events you participate in. There is sample data entered on Jan 1, please remove and update with your own data. There are 3 lines for each day allowing for you to train in 3 activities. If you do more then 3 activities in a day, simply copy the row for the day and paste it in below that date.

If you run into problems or need help. let me know.