Oct 19 – Banff Ekiden Relay

2013Oct-Ekiden 040It was an early morning for myself and Nikayla. The night before we planned our driving route from South Calgary to Banff. It was a route I was not familiar with so we decided to allow extra time. Getting up that early meant it was still dark out. There was a pretty cool moon hanging in the sky. I took a photo before we left and Nikky shot several on our way there. We even stopped somewhere near a lake to get some cool shots of it hanging over the mountains. We weren’t the only ones…lol.

We arrived at the start area with plenty of time to find a great parking spot and the rest of our team. The Banff Ekiden Relay consists of 5 legs for a total distance of 42k. You can have up to and including 5 members. Some teams have a runner doing multiple legs. I got a hilly leg but at least it was short. My leg was the third and less then 5k. I love the route, it is so beautiful.

It’s a fun day with lots of running friends. Our team is Ironman Captains that Run. We are all members of the Iroman 70.3 committee. It was our second year running it together.
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