2013 A Year in Review: Big Changes

Warning, this is long, 2013 was a busy year. 🙂 Wow time flies when you’re having fun. While 2013 was a year of changes I did manage to end it on a fun note. But let’s start with all the changes.

Life’s Big Changes
By now for most it’s old news – I’m single again. After 17 years (15 years married), I’m once again single. Not going to go into the details. It’s over, he’s moved on and so have I.

July: Speaking of moving on, I moved from NW Calgary all the way to the SE. I bought a place in a lake community so Nikayla and I could train for lots of triathlons (more on that later). We love our new home. The 4 of us (Nikayla, me & 2 dogs) are very happy here. It’s an all female house so lots of pink (for me) and purple (for Nikalya) throughout the home…lol.

Aug: The other big change, I’m currently on an extended vacation for the lack of a better way to put it. Hopefully 2014 my career will get back on track but for now I am taking care of me and oh yeah Nikayla. The extra time off was great for settling into our new home and getting Nikayla setup at her new school. She loves it here in the South – new school, new friends, life is good.

Also in August, not a change but went to a family gathering in Fernie BC to celebrate my Dad’s 80th birthday and their anniversary. It was great to see all the family. We splurged and a a nice room at a local hotel for Nikayla, myself and the dogs. Our mini vacation/trip was a lot of fun and it was great to see the rest of my family.

Summary: That’s if for the Major Changes in 2013. More then enough for this lady but I’m doing just fine. Life is good and while some of the changes were a bit of a blow to the ego, being a positive person I’m looking at the bright side and ending the year on a happy and lighter note. Lighter note as I managed to lose 46 pounds this year and made it solidly into the 100’s finally!!!

Concerts from 2013
April – Motley Crew
September – Concert at Cowboys with Papa Roach(no photos)
November – KISS

Events – Races & Triathlons
Losts of races, not so many triathlons. It was a slow year for my athletics, my knee was still giving me grief at the beginning of the year but by December it was much stronger perhaps because it had less of me to carry around.

January – CRR Nose Creek XC, my last time as race director for this event. Tri-it/Mito Canada Spin-a-thon where Nikayla was given a new bike and many other gifts to get her started as a triathlete. A big thanks to Mike (Chinook Tri), Ridleys, Bow Cycle and Tri it Multisport.
February – Crave Cupcake 5miler, lots of fun with cupcakes for post race food.
March – CRR St Patty’s Day 5k, a cold and snowy day but still had lots of funny. Nikayla ran it with a 4 foot frog on her back and won the best costume. What a kid.
April – Police 5k, as usual I had signed up for the half but my knee wouldn’t agree and I only did the 5k.
May – A busy month. Nikayls did her first triatlon in Olds and had a blast. I volunteered. We both did the Mother’s Day 5k with Nikayla kicking my butt of course. Nikayla and I coordinated the volunteers for the Calgary Marathon. On race day I ran the 10k and she helped out at the finish doing various things. Nikayla also did the Airdre Tri and did really well. At 12, she’s now also addicted to triathlons…lol.
June – I ran the Underwear Affair 10k as a female version of Paul Stanley from KISS, my theme “Let’s KISS Cancer Good Bye”. While I didn’t participate in the events at the Chinook Tri Weekend, both Nikayla and I were there to take photos on the Saturday/Sunday as well as volunteer on the Sunday. As always a fun event. Nikayla also did a KOS triathlon event.
July – Both Nikayla and I coordinated the volunteers for the weekend of IM 70.3. We also hosted an athlete – Anna Cleaver. It was great having her here, she was an inspiration to both of us.
August – We did two triathlons. We both did the Chaparral Triathlon. It was Nikayla’s first open-water swim, she had a tough time but made up for it on the bike and the run. We did the Strathmore Tri as a team, I did the swim, the bike and she made up for my slowness with a speedy run…lol.
September – We were both supposed to do Dino Dash 5k but it was pouring rain so rather then have Nikayla wait for slow poke me in the rain, I let her run on her own while I waited in the rain under an umbrella for her.
Oct/Nov/Dec – We both did the first 5 events in the 2013-14 Calgary Roadrunners XC series (River Park, Confed Park, Okotoks, Edworthy and Silver Springs). I also did the Eikeden Relay with my IM70.3 teammates and the Tri it 5k.

I ended December on a positive note by running every day as part of the Stride’s 3rd Annual Streak. The challenge was to run a mile every day. I ran a total of 143km which as I look back at 2012 was less then last year however, this year was more running and 2012 was more walking. I have big plans for 2014 but that will be detailed in my next post. Yes, there will be another post…lol.

Single now, so I’m trying to get out. Yes that means dating, so like most singles today, I joined a dating site. Wow, that’s a different experience. Way too much to talk about in this already long post so I’ll leave it for another time. I go out now and then – dancing at Ranchmans, movies with friends and even checked out a club on 17th…lol.

I donated a toy to the Christmas Toy drive at Melrose and managed to win myself a turkey dinner with the gang at Kool 101.5. That was a lot of fun. I even won a $200 gift card for Golftown…Cool. That was my only turkey dinner through the holidays. Nikayla was at her Dad’s (in Edmonton) for Christmas so didn’t see the sense in making turkey dinner for one, so I had a pork chop and salad.

I ended the year at a Single’s Masquarade Ball at Jack Singer. It was a lot of fun. I got called Cinderalla a lot because of the very formal gown I wore…lol. This Cinderella wear’s running shoes under her gown, not glass slippers…lol.

Flickr Collection – Photos from 2013