2012 Calgary Police 5k

Sunday April 29th was Calgary Police Half and 5k. Yeah there’s a half for this event and it’s usually my preferred distance but traiining among other things have not gone as planned this year. My year of “no execuses” has been riddled with excuses but that’s the topic of another post or posts to be written some other day. I actually had registered for the half but at package pickup I switched to the 5k. Of course that still meant I got the gorgeous half long sleeved jersey which I will happily wear as I have run the distance for this event just not this year.

Speaking of package pickup, this year it was at Mt Royal as the Tech Shop was having a big clearance sale. It proved to be an expensive trip with my visa getting a good workout. I managed to pick up a nice pink water bottle carrier thingy and a tech top for me. But my 10 yr old granddaughter (also a runner) scored big time with 2 pairs of capris, a shirt and some cool purple runners. The spending didn’t stop there, I made the mistake of then going to Chinook Mall. Again not much for me but now the kid has her summer wardrobe taken care of.

Onto race day. Despite complaints from the other family members we were up and on the road by 7am. Traffic wasn’t as bad this year getting into the parking lot. Thank goodness! We arrived in plenty of time to hang out with friends and catch the start of the half marathon at 8am. I took a video of the start. Check it out, it seems like an endless number of runners. Heck even after I stopped filming there were a few stragglers some as many as 5 or more minutes late starting. Good thing the race was chip timed. Heck even the 5k was chip timed this year.

I made one last trip to the washrooms then lined up to run. My goal for the day – just finish. Of course, not to be last is always another good goal. Finishing under 50 minutes would be nice but I was happy just to be able to run. The announcer did a count down and we were off. I was already warm so I tossed my “sleeves” to my granddaughter on the side as I ran past them. Oh yeah, I had my own paparatzi – hubby and my granddaughter both had the cameras rolling for both the 5k and the half. I’ll share a link to the photos at the bottom.

The 5k event is a nice out and back route. It’s not really flat but not overly hilly. You start out with a gentle downhill as the course curves around the back side of Mt Royal and then heads out on a long straight stretch that is sort of a rolling hill that goes up and over then downhill to the turn around point. The way back is then a long uphill climb. I was doing okay I maintained a not too bad pace with what some would call a slow jog but for me was at this point the best pace I could maintain without walking. I made only one stop and that was for the usual photo op with an officer. It wouldn’t be like me to do a race and not have at least one shot with an officer. 🙂

Oh yeah, notice, lots of runners behind me so I’m not gonna be last. Heh, I even managed to pass a few walkers here and there. Of course I also got passed by a few as well, even one guy in jeans who just looked like he was out for a Sunday morning stroll. As I passed on lady I yelled “Tag you’re it”. We both laughed. We played yo-yo a few times during the race but she managed to pass me on the uphill and I didn’t see her again until we were done.

With the finish line in site I stuffed my ear buds into my shirt and let the crowd cheers bring me in. Some how I managed to find my usual finishing sprint pace and sped upl to 5:21 min/km. During the race my ave pace had been 10:14 min/km. Wow my sprint cout my pace in half. Man I wish I could do that for more then afew hundred feet. Did I suceed in being under 50 minutes, not quite my garmin said 52 minutes. But heh, I wasn’t last. I finished 411/418 so still a whole 7 runners behind me.

Hubby and Nikayla greeted me with hugs at the finish and I heard the annoucer call my name and comment about my strong finish. That was cool. Inside I went down the dreaded stairs. That’s always the worst part of the race heading down and back up those stairs to the food. I managed. We sat and relaxed for a few minutes however but as hubby wanted to head out to a car show we didn’t stick around for the prizes to be drawn. Big mistake. I found out later that my name was drawn for the Banff Spa Trip. And hubby says we never win anything…grrrr. He owes me big time for this one…lol.

Fav quote over hear at the race “When I realized I couldn’t win the race, I just relaxed and had fun with it”. This was said by a female that was near the front of the pack for the half. I just laughed when I heard her and kept walking. After all I run for fun all the time.

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