12 Mile XC – Race Report

Race Report – Saturday Jan 22, 2005 – 12 Mile XC (4km race)
Karen and family picked me up at 11am. Today we were getting dropped off and would bum rides from friends later. We registered and headed to the starting line which was down the road a bit. Funny, I thought Karen knew where we were going and well actually neither of us did. Another couple of runners coming up behind pointed us in the right direction. We headed the right way but ended up off course again and had to be redirected back in the right direction by another runner coming out of the residential area. Men in ShortsLooks like our day for getting lost. Hopefully that wouldn’t happen on the race course – easy enough to happen when you’re at the back and the lead runners have trampled down the flags or the volunteers leave too soon not knowing there is one more runner way at the back. Last year at another race I ended up in the midddle of know where with snow drifts waist deep cause I got a little lost…oops. Not likely to happen today, a lot less snow. We made it to the starting area and found a friend who let us stash our gear in her vehicle. Looked like a good turn out.

What a difference a couple of weeks can make in the weather conditions. Actually in Calgary it can sometimes only take 10 minutes to change the weather. For yesterday’s race we couldn’t have asked for better conditions temperature wise. Two weeks ago many of us were so bundled up we could hardly move. This week we had guys in shorts.

downhill The 12 mile course – not really 12 miles just a name and is usually one of my favourites. It has a great “dippity-do”(rolling hills) in the middle section. It starts out with a long gentle downhill. I ran all that section and the flat area as well as the dippity do section. No problem. Felt good. Yolanda started late and caught up to me somewhere in the dippity do area. She passed when I walked up a bit of a small hill. Not long after I got lapped by the lead runner on his second loop of the course, somewhere around the 21:57 mark. I later found out the same runner passed Karen around the 29 minute mark. Man she was like almost a full km ahead of me, but what’s new.

He apparantly passed her somewhere near the real long uphill. And man what a hill that was. I had forgotten about it. I mean I knew with all that downhill, there was gonna be an uphill, but last year we ran down that hill and did the trail in reverse. I think I preferred it that way. Oh well, I walked that one and even paused in a few spots. Silly me thought that even might be the last hill. My time was still looking ok at that point. Boy was I wrong. The course sent us off again at a downward slope into some more dippity do stuff taking us slowly back into a valley. Uphill

Somewhere along the way a friend (HW) went by thinking I was done and out stretching, threw his extra shirt at me and kept on running. And not long after I saw Karen go by me headed off for her second loop, brave girl. Oh Oh!!! Yup another uphill. Not quite as bad as the one in the middle, but still a tough one and through the bushes, too. Thankfully I was smart enough to have only signed up for the 4km. No way in he double hockey sticks was I doing that route again well at least this year, anyhow.

Karen finished Finally a flat stretch and the finish line in site. HW ran back to retrieve his stuff and run to the finish line with me. His brother ran slowly past and we teased him to run faster or I might catch him. I picked up the pace, but never caught him. Whew, done. I hung around and watch others finish as I waited for Karen. Both of us laughed as the guys asked if there was anyone behind her. Another race done. Yeah time for soup and cookies.

At the hall I got birthday hugs from a few friends and a great card from Karen. Dianne gave us a lift home and we chatted about our Tampa trip.