101 Things about the Pink Chick

Note: Edited and republished in 2013I liked this idea, so I borrowed it too. Thanks Jon and Mark. However, I had so much fun with it I had to do 101.

1 I was born on the east coast of Canada in a small town called Sackville, NB
2 I have lived in almost every province in Canada.
3 I camped so much in PEI as a kid, I feel like I lived there.
4 Lobster is my favorite food. I could eat a dozen in one sitting.
5 My favorite vegetable is Asparagus
6 I hate Peas and Beans
7 My favorite ice-cream is almost anything with nuts in it.
8 In a pinch I will eat vanilla and add my own nuts.
9 I once ate porcupine, my dad told me it was rabbit.
10 I like fishing
11 I once caught about 30 mackerel while deep sea fishing off the coast of NFLD.
12 My favorite subjects in school were Math, Physics, Art and ummm boys.
13 In grade 4 I won a $100 for top math student in the province.
14 I was a Brownie and a Girl Guide
15 I was a goalie for the soccer team in Junior High
16 I was on the track team for high jump
17 I could jump my own height – 5′ 2″
18 I was also on the team for distance running.
19 I won 2nd place the first year, 3rd place 2nd year and 5th in my final year.
20 I was a cheerleader.
21 I had one line in our school play that won the provincial title.
22 I was on the school girl curling team
23 Our team won the provincial title in 1972
24 We tied with Quebec for last place in the Nationals held in Winnipeg
25 I’ve lived through a nasty hurricane.
26 I have seen a tornado whip through the city I lived in.
27 I felt the office building shake during a mild earthquake.
28 I love to watch lightening flash – it both fascinates and scares me.
29 I prefer to watch disaster movies than to be in them. 🙂
30 I didn’t learn to drive until I was 27.
31 I learned to ski the same year.
32 I even took up slalom racing and was 2 seconds shy of my gold.
33 I went to Disneyland.
34 I had to ride every roller coaster ride, even though I am terrified of heights.
35 I lived on the 29th floor and would not go out on the balcony.
36 I took one year University and quit at 17.
37 I was taking honors Math and Physics.
38 In my 30s I went back to school for Accounting – part-time.
39 I got bored and in my 40s I switched to Computers – I finally graduated.
40 I have worked in Retail – Department Store and Grocery
41 I was a short order cook when I was 17
42 I was a file clerk
43 I was an accountant – general, accounts payable and payroll
44 I was even a surveyor in a copper mine for a year
45 My legs were in the best shape that year – too bad I wasn’t running back then.
46 I was a computer operator – WANG and IBM (Yes I am that old?lol )
47 I remember punch cards.
48 I wrote DOS batch files?remember those.
49 I almost wrote a software book?.my partners jammed out.
50 I was a Senior Business Analyst
51 I was also a Software Support Analyst and loved it.
52 I love working with people and helping them with their computer problems.
53 I am a geek
54 I have several web pages
55 I like to pretend I am an artist.
56 If I could do it over again I would be a cartoonist.
57 I am also crafty – Just don’t call me Martha Stewart.
58 I once met and partied with Charlie Sheen. He asked me out, I turned him down…lol
59 I also met Martin Sheen.
60 I also met Stephen Schnetzer – he played Cass on Another World, soap fans will remember him.
61 Yes I watch soap operas – Young & Restless and Days of Our Lives.
62 I prefer dramas to comedies.
63 My favorite car is a late 60s Mustang.
64 I once owned a ’75 Mustang.
65 I totaled it in a snowstorm.
66 I don’t like to drive in snow.
67 I have 3 grown children – 1 son and 2 daughters
68 I have 3 grand children – 1 by the son and the other by 1 daughter
69 I remarried July 1998. (in 2013 we separated, divorce will be final in 2014)
70 We got married at the “tree” on a drag race strip.
71 I love to watch drag racing – NHRA rocks!
72 My ex-hubby nicknamed me “Miss Nitro” after I inhaled too much Nitro at a race.
73 I have also been called “Sunshine, Smilie, Sunrise, Sunset and Dusk.
74 I collect heart things and pink things.
75 Another nickname is “hearts_r4me” or “Hearts4” for short.
76 Someone once counted over 300 heart things in my house. (I’m sure I have more now)
77 I am sure I have more than that now.
78 My bed has hearts carved out in it. (it’s now my granddaughter’s bed)
79 I am a pack rat.
80 I am trying to break that habit – “Garage Sale” anyone?
81 I love to dance
82 I have taken Jazz and Hip-Hop.
83 I can’t break dance, but I used to be able to do the moonwalk.
84 Once won a 2-step polka contest for the fastest and best couple.
85 Once one as the funniest polka couple as well.
86 Even won a twisting contest.
87 Got 2nd in the Limbo – ummm something got in the way. 🙂
88 My most recent nickname is “Pink Lady”, acutally more recently “Pink Chick”.
89 Pink is my favorite color, especially Neon Pink.
90 I am running again after many years and I love it.
91 I ran marathon – it took 8 hours.
92 I ran anther – aiming for 6 hours but it was too hot and I finished in 7:27, still a PB…lol.
93 I listen to almost any kind of music.
94 My favorite song to run to is Eminem “Lose yourself”?.I just loose myself in the music and I am there.
95 I am a “red head” – okay well sort of.
96 I am left-handed.
97 Except when I golf – but I suck at that anyway.
98 I wear glasses and occasionally contacts.
99 Someday I wanna get my eyes fixed but I am chicken.
100 I refuse to grow up or old.
101 I will be 59 on January 24, 2014.

PS – 102 I do not wear pink all the time….*wink*