19 miles today

Well, my running partner ran 19 miles (her farthest ever!).  I’m so proud of her!  Although she said she felt tired, she really did look great afterward.  I think she is seriously getting stronger and faster.  This was one of her fastest (and farthest) long runs yet.  Its going to be a great marathon.

I rode my bike beside/behind her for much of it.  I had to take a break at certain points to let my butt rest.  Did you know that riding a bike hurts your butt?  It does.

The biker people will tell you to adjust the seat and handle bars and it won’t hurt at all.  They are liars.  Every single one of them.  They just want your a$$ to hurt too.  Then we all walk around afterward saying how much our butts don’t hurt, when they really do but nobody wants to admit it.  Its kind of like The Emperor’s New Clothes.

I made some adjustments to the seat and handle bars and it eased some of the pain on my butt, but for the most part it just hurt.  It could be that the first 7 miles bruised it so badly that it hurt no matter what I did after that.

During one of my breaks, I did a quick little jog on the grass, about 30 feet to test out my foot.  It didn’t hurt, but I could feel the area that hurt.  Like it was tight or “wanted” to hurt.  Do you know that feeling?  Its the feeling an old injury has just before it actually starts to hurt.  Its kind of an achy tightness, but not yet painful.

I’ve gotten pretty good at walking on my left heel.  I can keep my foot almost level now without putting weight on  arch or ball.  I still have a limp from walking like that, but my foot is feeling far better than it has in almost 2 weeks.

I keep getting this glimmer of hope in my head that I could still run the marathon.  My foot starts to feel better and I think that maybe I’m ok to run.  Then I think about the 30 foot run in the parking lot and admit to myself that 26.2 miles is not the same thing.  And I’ve now missed my second long run.

The next long run is 20 miles.  Its a straight out and back course.  If I decided to try and do it, and my foot fell apart at mile 3, then 1) my partner (the person I am helping!) is stuck running her 20 miler alone, and 2) I get to walk back on a bad foot.  I’m afraid the risk is too high.  And to be honest, was I really expecting a miracle cure in 5 days?

Sorry.  I keep slipping back into that.

So maybe I will watch some more Buffy The Vampire Slayer today, and do another 45 minutes on the recumbent bike.

45 minutes

I rode the machine for 45 minutes tonight while watching reruns of Buffy The Vampire Slayer on Hulu.

I forgot how much I liked watch Sarah Michelle Gellar kill monsters with sticks.  :)

Tomorrow I ride my bike while my running partner (uh, is she still my running partner when I’m not running?) does her 19 mile run.


Never mind.  Too much Buffy watching.


Look what my stupid wife bought at the church rummage sale yesterday for $20.  What the hell am I supposed to do with this?


Oh, wait.


Didn’t make the max yet again on the very last day of week six in the 100 pushup challenge.

I’ll be back.


My new shoes will arrive today!

push ups, abs, and intervals

Ok, I’m late for work so this will be quick!


I’m still on week 6 and I will be repeating it next week too.  I missed the max on Monday and had to move to column 1.  Very depressing, but I think its because my sleep has been bad this week.  Very tired in the AM.  But I have seen serious results on my body from the push ups.  Stronger triceps and I finally have pecs again (but without having man-b00bs).


I’ve done two days of ab workouts and I’m feeling pretty good.  I can feel the muscles getting tighter already.  I’m hoping that in 6 weeks I can do for the abs what I did for push ups.  I also want to add pull ups to get the biceps (the showoff muscles) to match the triceps.  I’m wondering how hard it would be to get the 6-pack.  I know it takes work to drop the body fat low enough, but it would be interesting to see how far I could get.  More protein, less refined sugar.


Last night I did another set of intervals at the park.  It was a little rough because it isn’t very flat and there was a small hill for the last half of every other interval (back and forth over the same area).  So by the end I was outrageously dead.  These were 1/4 mile intervals, targeting 1:34 – 1:37 (I think, wasn’t that what I said last week?).  The numbers:

1. 1:28 (uphill)
2. 1:21 (downhill)
3. 1:28 (uphill)
4. 1:26 (downhill)
5. 1:30 (uphill)
6. 1:22 (downhill)

I was way off on the times and it was funny to see how the hill affected my times.  Slower up, as you would expect.  Still, I was pleased with the run.  I’m starting to like intervals despite the terrible pain from being so exhausted.  I think it is helping with speed.

Also, my weight is dropping.  I think it has to do with 1) cutting out the sugar and 2) the morning workouts.  I think the pushups and captain’s chair are bumping my metabolism up in the morning because I am really really hungry for lunch.  Sometimes I eat lunch early.  I’m trying to chew my food now, instead of gulping it down, hoping to digest the food a little better.  Seems to make lunch last a little longer too.

That’s it!  Sorry no chocolate on Friday (sigh, again).  I need to get back to that.

Enjoy your runs this weekend!

a thing of beauty

I finally saved up for my very own captain’s chair.  Isn’t she pretty?

Mistaken identity

I have several email accounts.  Some for work.  Some for the blog.  Some for web games.  Some for spam.  And some for completely legal online hijinks (is that how you spell that?).

Some of these accounts use my real name, some use an obvious abbreviation, and still others use a name completely different from my real name.  One of the email accounts in this last category has somehow gotten on the mailing list of another email user.  They think I’m a buddy of theirs.

At first, I just deleted the email figuring that they would realize the mistake and then fix their email list.  But they didn’t.  They continued to send email to their list.  Stupid chain mails.  Dumb jokes.  Stuff that people send that makes you want to send them viruses in reply.

So I sent a reply back.  Nothing rude, just a normal reply like a normal person would do.  “Gosh that’s damn funny!”.  Stuff like that.  Then they replied!

Something weird like “Oh, and how are doing out there without Marge and the kids around?”

So I said “Uh…its possible there is more than one Bob Slob”.  (Not the real name, just one I’m putting in for this post.)  I was sure they would then go and check their email list and fix it.

But they didn’t.  And today I got another email.  I’m thinking about sending rude pictures next.

I finished the first week of pushups.  The initial muscle pain is gone and I am definitely making progress.  The last set of the workout has you do your max, and mine yesterday was higher than the max I did during the initial test (and this after 5 sets that morning).  So I think things are progressing.  I think I have 100 pushups in my future.

I ran 6 miles this morning, 7:53 pace.  I was pushing it a bit, but I wanted to get more fast runs in.  I seem to miss alot of midweek runs these days.  In fact, I really have only one, but I’m going to do a run on Thursdays now that scouts has moved to another night.

Oh yeah, scouts.  My son is loving the new troop.  We went to a meeting on Tuesday and the kids were really cool.  They called up my son to introduce him and to give a special recruiter patch to his friend for bringing him into the troop.  They got my son his new neckerchief and hat too. He’s going on a campout in a few weeks.  He’s more than happy to go without me going this time, especially since his friend is going.

We had one more activity with the old troop this week and it was just shocking how annoying the old troop was.  I mean, I knew they were annoying before but going back after we had spent one night with the other troop was like walking into bizarro world.  I am so very glad we left.  Those kids are rotten.  I won’t miss them.

My attempted cold is being beaten down.  I had that little tickle in my throat initially, and lost my voice a little on Friday.  I started taking an antihistimine at first to keep those symptoms away.  Then I added a decongestant as soon as I felt stuffiness in the sinuses, to keep them from getting the full blown sinus infection that they tend to do.  I’ve been taking lysine, echinacea, and folic acid in the morning.  Today I have a slight stuffiness to my nose but its still breathable.  No coughing and my lungs feel good.  My sister got the same thing, but hers moved to her lungs after losing her voice.  Her son got pneumonia.

I did step aerobics last night and it went very well.  Well, the steps were a little confusing and I had some trouble with that part of it.  But I did manage to keep up and even got sweat on my forehead.  I think a higher step would help with getting my heart rate up higher.  Its a good workout for friday night anyway, especially if I’m going to run in the morning.  Long run day tomorrow with my buddy.

Ok, I blabbed enough.

100 pushup challenge

I started doing the 100 pushup challenge.  I read about it on someone else’s blog (can’t remember whose).  Basically, you are training yourself up to 100 pushups at a time.  Three workouts a weeks, 6 sets of pushups for each workout, which lasts about 10 minutes total.

Too be honest, I’m not sure what the point of the website really is.  Alot of the ads are for gimicky get-fit-only-6-weeks kind of junk.  “Energy” bars.  “Six-minute-abs”.  Crap like that.  But I do like a plan to get me to 100 push up.  How cool will that be at parties?

I remember a long time ago Chris Brogan had something he did with pushups.  Maybe it was the Superman phase.  But I seem to recall some discussion about that being the best exercise you could do if you could only do one.

I did the prescreen to see where I am currently.  20 pushups, which was better than I thought I would do.  I think my form is good.

I did my first workout yesterday and it went well.  10, 12, 7, 7, 13 (maxed).  My arms were pretty tired initially but I felt good the rest of the day.  Then this morning?  Ah, I remember second day workout pain.  Oh yes.  It hurts to put my arms over my head.

Today is push up rest day.  :)

Not much to update.

I ran a bit this week. I know I ran 3 miles one of the days during the week, but can’t remember which one. And Saturday I ran for an hour. Then Sunday I did cardio for an hour.

I found that the TV shows at the gym suck. One TV is always on news (o’bama/billary/mcdo-over, etc. etc. ad nauseum), another is always on sports (gag) and the third is on the food network (like us fatties need that). All the speaker jacks on the machines produce so much static in the headphones, you have to crank to the volume to hear the bad shows. I had thought it was going to be nice having 3 giant plasma TV’s there, and it turned out to be worse than the small tube TV’s they used to have.

One nice thing I saw today was that they now have new cybex stuff including the captain’s chair! My old favorite exercise that produced my former abs that you could stand on. I’d like to get back to some light weight training again. I’d like to dump the fat so it makes it worth while to strengthen those abs again too. I have plans to help this. :)

Tonight I went to a Cinco de Mayo party. I actually drank a beer, which was kinda coincidental. The last time I drank a beer was when that linked picture above was taken. Beer still tastes as miserable as ever. I always expect it to be different but its not. I guess I’m always hoping it will taste like fruit juice. Bleh. I drank to fit in. How very pathetic of me. See what I’ve become?

I signed up for the Boilermaker. I signed up for New Haven. I hope I’m not being too optimistic about either of them. I have alot going on this summer and I hope it isn’t going to kill running for me. We’ll see. Anyone else going to these?

Back on track

The basement is dry again (though I see storm clouds looming as I type) and gutters look like they will cost about $1000.  I suppose that’s cheaper than throwing out everything I own after it gets soaked.  And nobody wants a wet moldy basement.

I got my workout in on Thursday and Today at the Y.  I find that doing crosstraining has a very satisfying feeling.  I get to read my magazines and see some TV and somehow the numbers on the machine move faster than the ones on my Forerunner.

I did 7 miles on Saturday on some nice flat road, my first run since the race.  My right calf felt tight but I held strong at a very slow pace.  11:00.  I’d like to do my long runs around 10 so I felt 11:30 was conservative enough.   I actually judged the distance by how my calf felt.  If it got wobbly I slowed it way down, and actually, whenever it felt wobbly I noticed I had actually sped up.  So it worked out pretty well.

Its raining now and its spoiled my fun plans for lawnmowing today.  The basement remains dry so far.

Today I feel pretty good.  The calf is tight but its not sorer than before the run, which I was concerned about.   If it hurt more later, that would tell me I started running too soon.  So I’m good to go, but still go easy.  Monday will be more crosstraining.