I am the ghost blogger

I guess my posts are getting sporadic again.  Sigh.

Let’s see, I ran a race and got 2nd in my age group.

I was pretty pleased with this.  Not so much about placing (because it was a VERY small race) but because my time was 21:34, just shy of my 5K PR (21:16).  Sadly, in this one I was not able to run faster than all the children.  Two 6th graders still beat me.  Grrrr.

In other news, I went camping in the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks.  Camped at Marcy Dam and hiked to Avalanche Lake, which is a very cool place if you ever get a chance to go.

In sad news, an old friend from high school died from cancer this past weekend.  I last spoke to her earlier in the summer when I went to see the SCA folks play with swords and armor.  She had brought me there and introduced me to people, but she was linked to me on LinkedIn and Farcebook.  I knew she had been ill and had recently had a setback, but I didn’t realize she was that ill.  I think nobody else realized either.  We said our final goodbyes to her tonight and I will miss her.  I just can’t believe she is gone forever.

Eight years later

Missed my Blogiversary date by a few days again.  Oh well.

Eight years of blogging, although lately its fallen off to just about nothing.  Sigh.

Looking back, I think I’ve done pretty well with all of this.  Lately my weight and running have suffered a similar neglected fate as my blog.  Working on that.

Thanks again to anyone out there that still reads this or checks it or even cares at all.

Hope life is treating you all well.

3 degrees of running

I ran my three miles tonight, and it was 3 °F outside.  My mustache was frozen before I got to the end of the street.   But I did run.

In other strange news, a man at church noticed my leather jacket and asked if it was a bomber jacket.  I said no, it was from L. L. Bean.  He said he used to have three of them because he flew a B-26 (I think) bomber in WWII in the Pacific.  He then said he couldn’t shake a Japanese hand even today because they had “butchered” his comrades.  I’m not sure if he considered the fact that it was because they were flying in a bomber at the time.  I didn’t press the point with him.

4 easy miles

I ran last night for the first time since the race on Saturday.  I actually had intended to buck the schedule (as if racing during marathon training wasn’t enough) and run a little on Sunday afternoon or Monday.  But I got sloppy and just hung out instead.

So last night I ran my 4 easy recovery miles.  You know, its much cooler out at 9:30 at night than it is at noon.    :)  I wish I could run at night all the time.   36:54.  A little faster than I should.  I’ll be good next time.

I watched Twilight a few nights ago.  My wife borrow it from the library and I was sure it couldn’t be all that bad.  If the wife wants to sit and watch a chick flick with me, then I can endure.

OMG.  It is the very worst movie I have ever seen.  HORRIBLE acting, outrageously lame “special effects”, completely flat characters, zero plot.  Just stupid stupid stupid.  Seriously, vampires that sparkle in the sun?  STUPID!  Does the lead actress ever stop twitching?  Its like she’s coming off crack or something.

Even any given episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was better than Twilight.  Do teen girls just want to see this because of teen guys on screen?  Obviously I don’t know what women are attracted because the head vampire, has got something seriously wrong with the bridge of his nose.  Was he hit in the face with something?  Or is that the vampire thing coming out?  I ask you women, who is the better vampire: Angel or the freaky bad-nosed teen from Twilight?

I am so happy this movie came from the library and we didn’t waste a dollar at Redbox to rent it.

more thoughts

The memorial service has been on my mind all day.  On the way to work, I was thinking about what I might say at my wife’s funeral.  My friend’s Dad didn’t have much to say and had his words on paper.   I would expect getting up to say anything would be horribly difficult, and the fact that he was able to say anything so clearly, was surprising.

But as I thought about all this, I realized that I would likely not have an opportunity to say anything at my wife’s memorial service, because I probably wouldn’t be there.  Women, on average, live longer than men, and the women from my wife’s side of the family, have lived into their late 90’s and early 100’s.

Although my plan is to life forever, I will likely be dead and gone 20 years when my wife finally passes.

The thought of this made me a little sad.  There will be so few people left who knew her at this age.  Most of her friends from younger days will be dead.  Her parents, long gone.  I would hope our son would outlive her, but its hard to say what the future holds.  If she lived to he 100, he’d be 68.  My Dad has is first stroke at 62 and his second at 66.

It might be that only our grandchildren would be left to talk about great-grandma.  And even they might know much about her, except what they know from a very old woman, living by herself.  I know the grandparents that I knew, were not the same people that my father grew up with, and they weren’t the same people before he was born.

So I thought I should write something now.  A letter to her friends and our descendants, telling them about her, like what I might say about her life and how she is right now, as if I were there.  It wouldn’t have to be long, just a page or two, to let them know about her, before memories fade and before people who know her now are all gone.

Marathon season cometh

Marathon training starts next week. I’m very excited. I’m 2 for 2 for marathons. Shin splints killed my first attempt. I was totally unprepared for the second one, but finished. The third one I was in the best shape of my life and totally ready, but didn’t follow my plan and ran way too fast in the beginning, and almost died. The fourth one, my foot broke into little pieces half way through training.

For this one I am starting out far too heavy. I need to lose about 20. My spring training has been light. I think I’ve gotten about 12 miles a week on average. I need more consistent running, and I need to learn to run by myself during the week. (Psst. Easy, RP, we’re still running together. Chill.). I just think I got used to having someone there for the long runs, and it made me lazy so I wouldn’t run when I got home from work, because it felt lonely.

I will train. I will run. It will be wonderful.

I spent part of today out on the Mohawk on my Dad’s new boat. Well, new for him, but used in general. Its a pontoon party boat. Almost brand new. Got a big umbrella that fits into the little drink table. Nicer seat cushions than a brand new Lincoln Towncar. I don’t like the outboard steering (much prefer the smooth control of inboard), but it will do. Dad says I can take it out whenever I want, no need to ask. Thanks, Dad. :)

I watched Ironman (the first one) again tonight. I bought it for $10 in widescreen format at MallMart. I thought this was a fabulous movie. Can’t wait to see Ironman 2.

I watched Where The Wild Things Are. Outrageously depressing and disturbing. As if Maurice Sendak wasn’t twisted enough with “In the Night Kitchen”, this movie took a strange little children’s book, and turned it into this bizarre, Freudian-psychological, nightmare that should be avoided by anyone who had a difficult childhood. The kid becomes like a parent for all the monsters that are pieces of childrens’ personalities. Monsters screaming “You were supposed to keep us happy!”? Monsters getting their arms ripped off and sand pouring out? Just twisted and odd.

The whole controversy about “In the Night Kitchen” is that there is an illustration of a boy in the book and he is naked and they show genitalia, which is probably not needed in a kids’ book. OK. That said, I heard an interview with Maurice Sendak on the radio, where they asked him about the book. I thought he would clarify the whole naked kid thing. I thought he would say that it was just artistic license and maybe he went overboard and didn’t realize it would be such a big deal.

But no.

He comes out with the creeeeepy story about how kids love food, and food is a total crazy experience for them and how “food is very sensual to children” and how he he wanted to illustrate the sensual nature of the the child’s relationship with food.


That’s when I decided he was a complete freak and we didn’t need to ever read that book to our kid. Ever.

I watched the season finale of some shows on Hulu. I love Hulu, except that they changed something on their site a few months ago. Somehow, when running videos there, it sucks up HUGE amounts of processor time and slows the videos down. I found a site where lots of people are complaining about it. I can watch the shows fine on the new computer that has dual core processors (or some such expensive computerese crap), but the older machine can’t run the videos there any more.

I watched the show with a magic woman with big knives (and the low cut leather top) and our hero with the big sword. Apparently, she went crazy because of a magical spell (from an evil magical woman with really cool hair), killed lots of people (good and bad) and then killed our hero. Fortunately, another magical women (in tight red leather clothing) was able to bring our hero back from the dead. Even more fortunately, one tear (that dropped from her cheek while she was crying over having killed our hero) from the first magic woman, turned into a magical stone that saved the whole world. Yea!


I saw avatar today in 3D.  Very very good movie.  Usually animation like that looks totally crappy because everyone’s face looks so lifeless, like a manikin.   But this looked very realistic.  You should go see it.  And giant blue alien girlfriend?  Very hot.  Uh.  In a giant blue alien kind of way.

I did not run today because I’m a big fat lazy slob.  I have not put together any new resolutions because I’m a big fat lazy slob.  And I’m a big fat lazy slob because I’m a big fat lazy slob.  So there.

No running until Wednesday due to evening commitments.   Did I mention I have a half marathon in March.  Yeah.  So very not ready for that one.  And a snowshoe race in two weeks.  Unprepared.  And fat.

I watched Groundhog Day today too.  I love that movie.  If I could watch one movie over and over again, it would be that one.

carbs and protein

You know how “they” say we should eat a little protein with our pasta, to help us absorb the carbs better?  Well, should that apply to our everyday breakfast too?

Think about it.  For those of us who have cereal or some such carbo-licious breakfast, we want that breakfast put to good use so that we are not starving by 10:30.  If we absorb the carbs fully, we should feel unhungry (what’s that word I need?) for much longer.

Maybe my breakfast should switch out a little of the carbs for some protein.

hey guys

Did you ever notice that about 95% of the videos that people make of themselves and put on the web, all start out with the phrase “Hey guys”?