Breast feeding continued and continued

Oh yes, you knew they just won’t let this story die. :)

Once again, the banned breastfeeding woman of Ann Arbor hit the papers. Her name came up because city counsel member Joan Lowenstein now wants to introduce a new city ordinance to allow women to breastfeed “anywhere in public” according to the Ann Arbor News. I guess Lowenstein was spurred on by the incident at the YMCA.

Apparently, the state laws aren’t clear enough for the city and the ordinance would allow people to go to court and point to a specific ordinance that is protecting their rights. The resolutions went before the city counsel tonight but I have no idea what the outcome was.

You know there will be more. :)

No running today, no nothing. Just hectic work stuff. As always. We got a ton of snow this weekend and its gone back to normal northern winter conditions. Cold. Although, we did have sun today. That brings the 2006 total to 13 days of sun in Michigan. Very exciting. I suspect we could get as high as 30 days by the end of the year.

What would I do if I weren’t afraid?

I read that pamphlet called “Who Moved My Cheese?”, or some title similar to that. Its basically a very simplistic allegory about corporate culture and dealing with change.

It’s somewhat annoying because it first gives an explanation of what the story is about and what the plot is, then it tells the story, and then (incase you are just too damn stupid to figure it out) it tells you what everything in the story represented. Maybe it was just to make it long enough to justify putting a real binder on it since its so damn short.

Anyway, aside from all the silliness, there are some very good points about dealing with and anticipating change, mostly in your job but I guess it can apply elsewhere too.

The story has two mice in it that end up having their cheese taken away. One deals well with it and the other freaks out. Throughout the story there is “writing on the walls”, literally. There’s big signs on the walls and the mice read the messages. Get it? See the writing on the walls.

Well, there’s this little card that comes with the pamphlet that summarizes all the writings on the walls. Its handy to keep the concepts in your mind. I put mine on the wall of my cubicle.

Oh yeah, and the mouse is a runner. :)

One of the things on the wall in the story did not appear on the list. The one mouse who went out to find his way instead of freaking out, wrote this on the wall: “What would I do if I weren’t afraid?”

It really stuck with me. I find this to a big thing with me. I don’t know if “afraid” is the right word, but maybe its concern or whatever about making decisions. Am I doing the right thing? Does this decision change everything? They really do you know. But the problem is that the hesitation causes very bad consequences. Maybe that’s the problem that the freaking out mouse had.

Tonight I made one of those big irrevocable decisions that may have very large consequences in my life. It might also change nothing at all. Unfortunately, it also means that I have to make more decisions because of it.

What would I do if I weren’t afraid?

I suppose I’d just go and do it and move on with it. Decide if it is the right direction to go and just go. So that’s what I did. We’ll see what happens. Am I going to agonize over it, even after doing it? Ofcourse, that’s what I do. Did I tell the frog and scorpion story?

There’s this scorpion that wants to cross the river, but scorpions can’t swim. So he walks along the bank until he comes to a frog.

“Yo, frog, let me ride on your back across the river.” says the scorpion.
“Yo, scorpion, do I look stupid? You’ll just sting me when I get out in the middle and then I’ll die!” replies the frog.
“That’s stupid. If I stung you, then we would both die because I would drown.”

The frog sees the logic in this, and agrees to help the scopion. The scorpion jumps on his back and the frog swims out into the water. About half way across, the scorpion stings the frog. As he is dying in the water he says “Why did you do that? Now we will both die!”

“I could not help it,” replied the scorpion “it’s my nature.”


A post on Audrey’s blog about playing soccer reminded me of a story from when I was young.

I was at Boy Scout camp and I was in High School, I think. Maybe 9th grade. One guy in our troup, Andy, was a lot bigger than the rest of us. He was easily 6′ 1″, maybe taller. I had known him since elementary school, I think. Anyway, there’s alot of free time during the day after all the classes/activities are done, and he came over to the rest of us and said we had been invited up to play soccer with some of the camp folks, mostly older boyscouts and staff.

So we all headed up to the field. There was alot of discussion about how to split up the teams. I noticed that the guys on the other team looked alot older than us, and alot…well…meaner. One guy had these torn up gloves with no fingers. And fangs.

So we chased the ball around a while and I noticed that there was alot of pushing and shoving and our guys were on the ground alot. I tried to get the ball from one guy and ended with a knee in the groin (I was tough, walked it off very proudly, but oof did it hurt). Finally, the other team leader called Andy over and told him he didn’t want the “little kids”, and that he had invited Andy “because he was bigger”.

We all figured it was time to leave and let Andy play with the big guys. Andy just shook his head and walked away with us. I was real proud of him for not just dumping us like that, even though I knew he wanted to play.

Made me almost want to forgive him for beating me out of 1st place in the Pinewood Derby in Cub Scouts. Almost. :)


I had a dream last night that I was running in three races in Europe. France, Belgium, Germany. We got on the plane in France, and the next thing I know we were on the street in France, 3 days later and the races were all over. I had no memory of them at all and everyone was waving goodbye to each other. There I was on the street and had no clue where I was (well, aside from France) or how to get home.

4 things

Bex and Susan tagged me for this. So here goes:

Four jobs you’ve had in your life:
Fish bagger at a fish processing plant in Kenai, Alaska.
Apple picker
Boomerang maker

Four movies you could watch over and over:
When Harry Met Sally
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Joe Versus the Volcano
Groundhog Day

Four places you’ve lived:
North Carolina
New York

Four TV shows you love to watch:
None. Well, I USED to like Star Trek when I had a TV. And if Rachel Rey is on the Food Network at the gym, I’ll watch her. And that wierd show with the three hotties that do magic and are in love with vampires.

Four places you’ve been on vacation:
Cape Cod
Busch Gardens – Williamsburg
Lake Champlain

Four websites you visit daily:
Egads. I read a billion.
Bloglines – my monstrous feed list
Yahoo News

Four of your favorite foods:

Grilled chicken
Chocolate :)

Four places you’d rather be:

Four albums you can’t live without:

Pfft. I really don’t own albums to have albums.

Four vehicles I’ve owned:

Ford Explorer
Ford Bronco II
’75 Dodge Coronet
16′ fiberglass monster with a 1962 Merc 700

I think so many other people have done this one already. I’m tagging everyone, but if you post them, tell me here so I can go read them (and I can edit this and tag you!). I’m so lame.

I’m tagging:
Smarty-pants Girl!

Please leave your breasts outside the pool area

I had to laugh at the most annoying article in the Ann Arbor News yesterday. Apparently, the Ann Arbor YMCA kicked some woman (Kelly Fuks?) out of the pool area for breastfeeding (on the pool deck). What was the reason? It was “distracting the lifeguards”. And what part of the pool policy did they cite? “No food or drink” in the pool area!


The YMCA’s programs director said that “all food and drink is forbidden and exceptions can’t be made for breastfeeding”, because food in the pool area is unsanitary. And if you can’t bring cans of coke or bags of potato chips in there, you sure as heck better not bring in breasts filled with breastmilk. I suppose along with forcing people to shower before entering the pool area, nursing woman could be forcd to “pump down” before swimming.

Fuks made an excellent point in saying that if their life guards are so distracted by a woman breastfeeding, that maybe they need better training or better lifeguards. She’s pretty sure that a young girl in a bikini is a bigger distraction to the teenage boy lifeguards than she is.

In all fairness to the Ann Arbor YMCA, they do allow breastfeeding in other parts of the building. Maybe near the snack machines?

Just too funny watching them trying to dig themselves out of this hole. Ann Arbor, Michigan is not the place to offend breastfeeding woman. You’d be better off cutting down trees in the park for firewood.


Are you losing focus? I am.

I never understood why some bloggers seemed to fade away after they finally hit that big goal (in my case it hit me). Until now. Lately, I’ve really found myself losing focus on goals, running, work, life, everything.

Here’s what happens, I think.

You have this goal, a marathon, an ideal weight, a mountain to climb, your perfect job, whatever. You write a blog about it, you talk to people about it, you make friends who have a similar goal. The goal becomes your passion. You center your entire alotment of free time around it.

The energy for all this activity comes from the motivation of achieving your goal. You can work harder, move faster, be more efficient because your whole body and soul are focused on that one thing.

Then that goal becomes an obsession, and for the sake of the goal, you begin to edge out crucial things in your life like sleep, family, and work. A few more minutes a day away from those things is worthwhile because you can justify it in the name of the goal.

Did you buy a new magazine subscription that supports the goal? New clothes? Make new friends? Put up posters or buy a calendar? How about a screensaver? I did.

By this point the goal becomes an obsession. You dream about it and think about it when you wake up. Sometimes you are in pain or uncomfortable because of it, but you endure these things for the sake of achieving it. And maybe that’s what its all about. Obsession. Great things were never accomplished by people with a passing interest.

After all this, you finally make it. The scale gives you that magic number, you cross the finish line, or your new employer hands you your first check. Life is good. You made it and you bask in the glory for few weeks while friends and mentors pat you on the back. Then you wake up one morning and realize you have no idea what you are going to do now.

Somehow, that poster that says “You can do it!” seems kinda silly, because you already did. And a big poster that says “I did it!” is just strange after a few weeks. All that energy is gone now because the goal has been achieved and the motivation to keep running past the finish line just isn’t there.

This is where I am. I can’t concentrate at work. I’ve been running everyday that is on the schedule. The runs aren’t too hard and yesterday I did my 5 miles at sub 9:00 which is the fastest I’ve been running since Detroit. No real injuries. Stuff is sore but nothing broken really at this point. Yet, I come home and find that I can’t think about the holidays coming up, can’t seem to remember to pay the bills when I should, and I have a million Christmas cards to send. A dozen emails to return. A thousand truffles to make and send. The posts here have been sparse and I missed Chocolate Friday again.

I find all that I want to do is sit and type on the computer and hide from the world, which is not a very good place to be. Mentally or physically.

I’ve got a goal for a race and everything, but somehow the motivation is lacking. There’s no fire. They say you can’t run your next race until you’ve forgotten your last one. Its hard to forget, and maybe that’s the problem. I don’t know. When I’m running I end up thinking about the marathon and how I felt. I try to think about The Bay, to get myself motivated for it. I look at the videos and know that all the training in the cold is going to pay off (there’s snow in the videos!). Yet again, its not working like it used to.

Maybe it comes from having not done so well in Detroit. Missing a goal was really hard for me, and I remember when I used to train, I would think about hitting the goal. Sometimes about breaking it. Maybe an “official” improvement is where the motivation comes from, and I haven’t done much in that category for a while.

Sometimes I think if I could find a fun 5K some place, and run it and do well, that it would help. Somehow I do better in the shorter races than the longer ones. But I know that I’m very slow now. The “speed” is returning, but I’m a long way from where I was in the spring last year. The extra weight doesn’t help either.

This has been a long rambling post with alot of whining, I know. It helps to write it all out and get it out there. If I can write it all down, then maybe it won’t be floating around in my head and I can concentrate on some of the more important things that I seem to have lost focus on.

Think you’re a car nut?

Look carefully at these two spark plugs. One of them is brand new and has the appropriate gap of .054″. The other one was carelessly left in use for more than 70,000 miles, creating a gap of .087″, by a mindless idiot who was not diligent in his automotive maintanence schedule. Which is which?

Lost bloggers

Sometimes while I am surfing the web, I come across blogs that just kinda stop abruptly. It might be the first entry or they may be making regular entries, but for some reason they stop and never start again. No indication why. Do they just get bored? Too busy? Did they die?

I get very curious about peoples lives (some might call that nosey), and I wonder what happens to them. I used to read Stephanie Seales’ blog (Life of the Phoenix), and her’s was one of the first ones that I ever read. But she moved her blog to a new spot, went on a trip to Scotland, then came back and deleted it. Makes me wonder what happened to her.

One time I found a running blog where the guy was a really serious runner and posted every day. Then he stopped for a while, and later his last entry was about a serious car accident he was in and how it would take him a year to recover. No follow up after that.

There was one guy who ran a blog called “TJ’s place“. It was about working in a…well…gentlemen’s establishment. He was supposedly the assistant manager. He took a trip to see the Olympics, and that was the last post he made, or maybe he made one more after that. There were about 1000 comments asking where he was, but he never responded. Some people think he died, and others think he faked the whole thing and just couldn’t keep posting any more.

Then there’s Pink Stiletto. She had a cool blog and then she had a run-in with a coworker and stopped blogging. It was obvious why she stopped, but I still wonder what happened to her.

Did ya ever find an interesting blog that just kinda stopped?

Is it just me?

Is it just me or is Rachael Ray, from the Food Network, hot?

Or is it the food?