A Blogshares Holiday Song

Ok, so I need to make a post here about Blogshares to win a contest there.   I need to tell you that my user name is Dr. Chocolate (go figure) and my user ID is 16687.   I’m doing ok there.  Its a distraction from other things.

Anyway, I had to come up with a holiday themed story or poem, but they agreed to let a holiday song count.  So here is mine.  For those of you who don’t play Blogshares, this will make no sense whatsoever.  Just move along.  :)

Sung to the tune of God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen

Don’t RST my portfolio,
don’t HTO my shares,
I’ve been busy raiding artifacts
and I’ve been unaware
that someone’s hitting all my blogs
and left the cupboard bare.

Oh-oh please help keep my ranking way up there
Wa-ay up there.
Oh-oh push my lame old ranking way up there.

PRD’s are hitting way too fast
I can’t get one Hype in.
I try and hit F5 (refresh)
but I miss everything.
I try and count up to fifteen
but somehow I’m not in.

Oh-oh perhaps buzzing is a game that I can win,
maybe I can win.
Be-cause counting is a game that I can’t win.

A few more thousand Dr. Seuss
and I’ll have all I want.
I will have those damn Pale Green Pants,
won’t buy some pricey bond.
Just reindex those blogs at 4 AM
when the vultures are all gone.

Oh-oh I can’t take another chorus of this song.
Oh this rotten song
Thank goodness just one more chorus of this song.

I can’t stop playing Chances,
I just can’t walk away,
But if I run out of chips tonight,
I know how I can play.
I’ll vote on dead blogs all night long
but then the BSEC will say:

Oh,-oh you’ve been suspended today.
Deliberation today!
Oh we’ll see you in forums today.