I hate my boss

My boss is a horrible person. He is evil. He tries hard to bully his employees and destroy their morale. He is succeeding. I hate him more than I’ve ever hated anyone in my life.

The stress is killing me. I can’t sleep at night (it’s 4 am now). I can’t be happy at home. All I think about is work. I am terrified of making a mistake and then being humiliated publicly by him. I’m irritable and miserable to be with. I can’t shake it off.

Worst of all, I have nobody to talk to about it.

I was bullied in school and now I’m bullied as an adult. I have no options and life sucks.

I realized today that the evil people always win. We tell ourselves that bad karma will come around to get them, but it never does. Never. That’s just a bedtime story we tell ourselves so we don’t have to face the horrible truth: Evil always wins.

I hope my boss dies in a car crash. I hope he gets cancer and dies a horrible painful death. I hope tragedy, death, and despair plague his life and the lives of all of his relatives and descendents for eternity.