Food from yesterday

Yesterday I did not make it to my weight workout.  Not such a good start to the year.  I went to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  Horrendously graphic, violent, and gruesome.  Not a show for anyone under the age of 35.   Women will find it particularly disturbing because of the theme and several of the more violent scenes.

However, I did get pictures of food from yesterday, which I had meant to post this morning but did not get to it because I was goofing around and not getting done what needed to get done.  Anyway, here it all is:


So first up is my usual All-bran with ground flax seed and milk.

Then later I had a favorite treat of mine, Caponata, which is an Italian eggplant appetizer.

Its got lots of good oils in it and not too many calories, but TONS of sodium.  I try to eat this sparingly.  And no I did not eat the whole jar.  Maybe 1/3.  Still.

Yes, I did eat potato chips but it was a small bag.  Pencil shown for scale.

And a bosc pear.

And my favorite chicken sandwich.  That being, chicken and mayo with salt and pepper.

The bread above is homemade, as is the bread here.  I made it that day and it came out pretty good.  I like it with Promise Light, which is affectionately known as mono- and diglyceride spread.

Yet another pear.

We were out of Chobani yogurt so I went with our Stonyfield strawberry with my All-bran.

And lastly, two pieces of Valrhona chocolate.  Yea!

Ok, that’s it.  And let me say that all the picture taking is hard work.