I’ve started writing my book.  It all just kinda coalesced for me a few weeks ago.  All the ideas that I had been having about it, just fused together in a great big connected matrix.  Everything that seemed so disconnected before, seems to now connect.  And every time I look at something else I wrote before, I see where it fits in the book.  I see something happen and it fits in the book.  I talk to people and it fits.  Every person I meet is an instant character.  Its crazy.  Suddenly everything fits.

In other news, my brain is failing me.  I can’t type straight.  I keep making typos over and over.  I hit the space bar too soon in sentences.  Like I am hitting the keys out of sequence.  Left hand goes too fast for the right.  And I’m so very tired all the time.  Like sleepy tired.  Can’t stay awake for nothing.  I dozed off standing up in church.  People probably thought I was fainting.  More craziness.



  1. This is fantastic, Jon. My idea of writing a book has gone nowhere. I’m not sure if it ever will. If it does, the time is not now (as I had previously thought).

    Hope it continues to go well for you.

  2. You said matrix? As in You Are The One. I believe that. Lots of random numbers and thoughts coalescing in that chocolate head of yours that can’t type straight. Your editor’s gonna love you.