3 more miles

I ran three miles tonight after a reminder from Bill that New Haven is a short two and a half months away.  In addition, the Boilermaker is in 25 days (and 11 hours).

Also, I had my annual physical last week, and while my doc (whom I love) said my labs came out great, she also said that she was concerned that my total cholesterol had jumped to 180.  Normally, it runs around 130.  Hmmm.

Time to stop the whining and do more running.  Maybe less junky food too.

Any help with losing 20 pounds by next month?


I’m missing the online game tonight.  Sometimes I wonder if my little online game friends miss me, or wonder where I went.  I never said goodbye, I just stopped showing up.  I want to go back and say goodbye, but I know I’ll get sucked in again.  So I’ll just be sad about it.

still not playing

I haven’t been on the game since I quit, so I am very proud of myself for that.

On the other hand, I have not run since last week, which is not so good.

I’ve decided I am disgusted with myself for letting the fat climb on me again, so I am dumping the sugar again and going back to my 1700 calories a day, without candy, bread, and sugary things.

Typical food for the day:

All-bran with 2 heaping tablespoons of ground flax seeds, skim milk
chicken with carrots, broccoli, and often some fat-free refried beans
whole wheat wrap (50 cal, 7 grams of fiber)
spinach salad with cukes, tomato, and green pepper
3 tablespoons of Italian dressing with extra virgin olive oil
large apple
100 calorie piece of 90% cacao dark chocolate (my one vice, don’t hate)
can of raspberry lime Polar Seltzer
2 cups of fat free cottage cheese

Actually everything, except the cottage cheese, I eat during the day.  This has been my typical diet for a couple years now.  Its the evening food that makes me gain weight.  If I’m watching my weight, I’m careful about what I eat at home.  If not, well, I end up stuffing in 1000 calories of other stuff, and there goes the weight gain again.

What I like about this plan is that I only have to modify one meal really, dinner/home food.  Which makes it easier for me to focus on ways to avoid junk.  If I can get working on a project it will take my mind off the junk food.  Its really only a few hours before bed, once I get home, so I don’t need to distract my cravings for very long.

But I do need to get out and run now.  I need to run and lift some weights.  I miss the weight training.  I looked into joining Planet Fitness.  The gym is cheap enough, I just don’t want to join and then not go.  Also, you have to let them do automatic withdrawal from your bank account, which I have a real problem with.  Thinking about it.


Amano Morobe bar

Today I received a free Amano Morobe bar in the mail, along with a Guayas bar which I have reviewed in the past.

The Morobe bar is made from beans grown in Papua New Guinea. I think this is the first chocolate I ever had made from beans grown there.  The packaging lists tasting notes: red grapefruit, lime, blackberry, smoke, leather.

Now first let me say that the recent freak heat wave had unfortunately hurt this bar in shipment, so the temper was a wee bit off.  But here is the amazing part, the taste remained out of this world.  Many bars end up tasting like poopy-kaka when they melt and recrystallize, but not this one.

I could smell the sweet tangy scent as soon as I opened the box.  The flavor was very fruity, almost tart.  I checked the box because I was sure they had sent a bar with added berries or something, but no.  Its just the beans.  I am amazed!  Sweet, tangy, fruity all in one.

Initially, I thought I would bring this to work and share a bit of it with people there because I want them to experience it to.  But now?  I’m totally eating it all myself.

The Morobe bar is right there at the top among all the chocolate I’ve had from Amano.  If I could have only one bar from them, this would be the one.