a funny thing happened on the way to work

Ok, so i totally fell off the running wagon when i got the stress fracture.  Got majorly fat, and majorly demotivated.

I spent alot of time surfing the web and watching videos, and seriously there are millions of really funny ones. But along the way, I found some motivational CD’s by Jim Rohn, which were awesome.

So I started listening to them in the car.  Since I have an hour drive to work (57 minutes is my record – WOOT!), i could listen to them all in a few days.  Weeeeeelllll, i listened to them over and over and over, until I had internalized the philosophy.  It had a serious impact on my thinking!

I was focused on work and writing down my personal goals.  I kept a tiny little journal with me all the time for writing down ideas.  I was on!

Unfortunately, it went awry from there.  See, somehow the philosophy of “take charge of your life” was morphed into “go after what you want” followed very quickly by “do whatever the hell you want” and then emphasized with “hellz yeah!”.

Consequently, i ended up surfing the web for online games and ran into one that was particularly addicting.  Far worse than the last one.  I won’t go into details or even tell you what it is, but i will say it is a real time suck.  i could be on that game for HOURS and not even realize it.

The game is part of what i call “social gaming”.  These are role playing games where your character can interact with other players, either as part of the game itself or simply as part of a chat feature attached to the game.  I used to play Blogshares which also fall under this category.  There’s free games like Hobowars and paid games like World of Warcraft and Rift.  So you get the point.

But I just get sucked into these things because there is the instant gratification factor.

See, in the world of social interaction on the web, there were bulletin boards (which sucked).

Then there were personal web pages (which also sucked).

Then there were blogs, which at first didn’t suck.

Then there was Facebook, which made blogs suck.

Then there was Twitter, which actually is lame and stupid but nobody wants to stop using it because then everyone else will say they aren’t cool, and why the hell hasn’t someone jumped up and said “The Emperor has no clothes on!” (*jumps up and screams it loudly*)

Then everything moved to everyone’s iPhone, even if they didn’t have one because somebody next to them had one and we all leaned over and stared at their stoopid apps because (what the hell?) isn’t that a heck of a lot more fun than doing work anyway?  (*hellz yeah*)

But what I am *trying* to show is that the progression is faster and faster and instantaneous responses from social interaction.  We went submitting and entry and waiting a week to see who comments, to instantly telling the entire world that you accidentally dumped a quart of Chobani yogurt into the fish tank (totally not my fault, btw).

And.that.is.addicting.  Srsly.

oh, and typing.  omg.  I am having a hard time typing like an educated human, rather than typing like a 14-year-old texting his stoopid gf about her hair. o.m.g.

Yeah.  Its come down to complete mental breakdown.

But its easy to do and the instant response is mentally satisfying.  Its like being at a GIANT party where you can see EVERYONE at once, and can talk to anyone instantly.  And they respond.  Thank goodness Pavlov didn’t design these things because we’d be drooling all over the keyboards (obscure reference #465).

So i missed ALOT of sleep.  And didn’t exercise.  And didn’t run.  I played a stupid game which gained me nothing.  I’m still trying to quit it.  I played until 3 am last night.  Really stupid because I can’t sleep in.  Once the sun is up, I am awake and cannot sleep.

So here it is almost 11 pm, but I am not on the game.  I’m here typing on my blog.  I’m just going to finish this entry and get to bed.  I have sooooo much work to do tomorrow, its not even funny.  I’m going to have dinner with my former running partner (and btw SHE is still running) tomorrow night.

I hope everyone is well.  I haven’t been reading the blogs.  I will try to catch up.  Google reader says I am behind by almost 400 entries.  Egads.


  1. QUIT!!! they are evil. my husband sometimes gets sucked into one (the uh, paid one that you mentioned actually) and i cannot stand the time warp effects it has on him!

    STAY AWAY!!!