Here’s a few search terms that brought people here this week (comments added for fun):

I’m a runner but like chocolate on my menstrual cycle – Coincidentally, I’m a runner and I like chocolate on everyone’s menstrual cycle.

chocolate coated runner – If I had enough chocolate…

chocolate ran kid gets killed – Maybe it was the chocolate coated kid.

female runner boy shape – And you found my site because of this?

you were made for this
– Hell yeah.

chocolate bad running – No, chocolate good, running bad.

write something about chocolate – Soon!  I promise!


  1. “female runner boy shape”

    Odd. You’d think that would’ve pointed them over my way instead.

  2. Someone mentioned something about naked triathletes on my blog a long time ago and my search results have since forever been overwhelmed by the perverts of the internet.

  3. Ha! Those are great. I’m going to have to check out my search terms.

  4. too funny