19 miles today

Well, my running partner ran 19 miles (her farthest ever!).  I’m so proud of her!  Although she said she felt tired, she really did look great afterward.  I think she is seriously getting stronger and faster.  This was one of her fastest (and farthest) long runs yet.  Its going to be a great marathon.

I rode my bike beside/behind her for much of it.  I had to take a break at certain points to let my butt rest.  Did you know that riding a bike hurts your butt?  It does.

The biker people will tell you to adjust the seat and handle bars and it won’t hurt at all.  They are liars.  Every single one of them.  They just want your a$$ to hurt too.  Then we all walk around afterward saying how much our butts don’t hurt, when they really do but nobody wants to admit it.  Its kind of like The Emperor’s New Clothes.

I made some adjustments to the seat and handle bars and it eased some of the pain on my butt, but for the most part it just hurt.  It could be that the first 7 miles bruised it so badly that it hurt no matter what I did after that.

During one of my breaks, I did a quick little jog on the grass, about 30 feet to test out my foot.  It didn’t hurt, but I could feel the area that hurt.  Like it was tight or “wanted” to hurt.  Do you know that feeling?  Its the feeling an old injury has just before it actually starts to hurt.  Its kind of an achy tightness, but not yet painful.

I’ve gotten pretty good at walking on my left heel.  I can keep my foot almost level now without putting weight on  arch or ball.  I still have a limp from walking like that, but my foot is feeling far better than it has in almost 2 weeks.

I keep getting this glimmer of hope in my head that I could still run the marathon.  My foot starts to feel better and I think that maybe I’m ok to run.  Then I think about the 30 foot run in the parking lot and admit to myself that 26.2 miles is not the same thing.  And I’ve now missed my second long run.

The next long run is 20 miles.  Its a straight out and back course.  If I decided to try and do it, and my foot fell apart at mile 3, then 1) my partner (the person I am helping!) is stuck running her 20 miler alone, and 2) I get to walk back on a bad foot.  I’m afraid the risk is too high.  And to be honest, was I really expecting a miracle cure in 5 days?

Sorry.  I keep slipping back into that.

So maybe I will watch some more Buffy The Vampire Slayer today, and do another 45 minutes on the recumbent bike.


  1. some of us just carry our own “natural” padding. Obviously you are way too thin to be riding a bike.

    What a great friend to endure more pain on behalf of your friend! You’re the best. :)

  2. So when is ortho appt #2???

    I think Bike Seats are the most uncomfortable things EVER. I have yet to figure out a position on a bike that seems “okay”. hence, I don’t ride bikes. ;) that was quite the gesture for your RB though!

  3. Bike seats are awful. Top reason why I don’t ride. UGH!

    So — what gym does your son go to for gymnastics? We just started today and it was terrific!

  4. yep, bike seats are a pain in the butt! maybe if you become a regular rider your butt develops some toughness?

  5. I have a nice squishy soft gel split bike seat that cost ~$20 at a local department store. It might make me look like a wuss, but that and a pair of padded bike shorts (or less padded, less conspicuous tri shorts) make a world of difference. It gets me out there.