Seeds of Change Chocolate

I bought some Seeds of Change Chocolate at the store this week, so that I could compare them here.  I’ve bought some of their stuff before, with the full intention of blogging about it, but always ending up eating it and forgetting what it tasted like.  I guess they make/sell alot of organic plants and gardening supplies at their website.  Chocolate doesn’t seem to be a big theme for them so I think its just an offshoot.

So I bought the milk and dark chocolate bars to compare the flavor.  I found them in the “healthy/natural” foods section in Hanaford (grocery store chain).  The first thing you notice about them is the packaging.  Its kind of a heavy envelope and not a box or wrapper.


Inside each envelope are three smaller bars, each individually wrapped in some kind of plastic.  I ‘m not sure what it is.  I like the idea of individual abrs so you don’t leave the whole thing out if you don’t eat it all at once.  And I think the plastic keeps the chocolate fresher than just foil, depending on where you are storing your chocolate.



Strangely, the small wrappers for the dark and milk look identical except for a small printed code on the back side.  I guess that is the identifying code (and not the lot #), otherwise they’d be getting mixed up all the time.  These are all certified organic chocolates (note the little green label).  The  little symbol (or the mandala) is an old symbol representing abundance and vitality.


So how do they taste?  Well, they don’t taste like dirt (which is common for organic chocolate).  The milk chocolate is a lttle sticky and maybe too sweet for my taste.  It has a very smooth texture and kind of a smokey overtone to it, which you taste more in the back of your mouth and throat.  Its definitely not a common milk chocolate flavor.

The dark was better (maybe I’m partial to dark).  It had a nice smell and had that fruity overtone that I’ve come to appreciate in very fine dark chocolate.  Even so, the dark was not as bitter as I like (62% cacao?), but again a very smooth texture.  People who like dark chocolate would like this one.

One more odd thing about these bars is the ingredients list.


(I made sure to take a picture this time because last time I talked about the ingredients, someone bitched that it wasn’t true).  I like that they have vanilla and not vanillin.  But how can they list “chocolate” as an ingredient?  I mean, one of the ingredients for “milk chocolate” is listed as chocolate.  I would think they’d have to say what’s in the chocolate. Unless, they buy organic unsweetened chocolate from someone else and then mix stuff into it?  I’m not sure but it was just odd.

So, Seeds of Change makes to very nice organic bars.  You should try one or both.  I think you’ll be happy.


  1. I like chocolate in the 60s % range better than 70%ers, so now I’ll have to hunt this one down, too.

    Thanks for the review!

  2. Interesting review. I might have to pick up some of the dark. It’s good for me….right?