Testing, testing, Earth to Major Tom

People-in-charge-of-important-blog-things have been renovating and doing some housekeeping today, so I am making a test post to check to see that everything is functioning properly.  If you are reading this, then it likely is.

I went to see the new Star Trek movie.  It was awesome.  I see why Trekkers were cranky about the bridge of the Enterprise, but (without giving too much away) the plot of the movie explains all that.  Excellent choices for characters (although Scotty was a little off).  They did a fabulous job with imitating the mannerisms of the original cast.  The special effects were fantastic, although Spock’s spinning space ship looked more like it belonged in Star Wars than Star Trek.  Still, just a marvelous movie that must be seen on the big screen.

I didn’t run today, but I ran Saturday.  8 miles around the lake and it was hard to do.  There’s a long 5 mile gradual uphill, then a very steep 1/4 mile downhill.  My right hip hurt again, and today my back and both hips hurt.  My arm hurts too.  Like a bruise along the outside.

I don’t know what the heck is going on.

I shouldn’t be as sore as I am.  I feel like I’ve been doing 40 miles a week, but I’ve only been running about 15.  Two days a week is all I’m doing. I’m tired and sore and just feel beat to hell for no good reason.  And all I want to do is eat junk.  I can’t seem to get good sleep and I feel like a walking zombie at work.  Maybe I’ve just got too much going on in my head.

I think I need to get a massage.  My hairstylist has moved to a new salon (don’t these people ever stay at one place?), and the new place is more like a spa, so they have a masseuse.  Audrey (my stylist) said she’s really good so I should go and make an appointment.  I guess I will.   Maybe it will help loosen things up a bit.

Ok, time for bed.


  1. um, you sound like you’ve been hit by a truck-not running 15 mpw :) thinking of you b/c i’m having waffles and nutella! mmm…nutella!!!

  2. A massage will be fine. Step away from the junk.