Simple pleasures

I got tagged by Pam for this virus meme. 10 simple pleasures. Let’s see.

1. Chocolate (d’ya think?)

2. afternoon naps in the summertime with the windows open and the cicadas buzzing outside

3. fishing when the fish aren’t biting and I have all day to drink cold lemonade and eat chicken sandwiches from a cooler

4. warm slippers after being outside in the snow, when my pant cuffs are wet, and my feet are cold

5. the $1 afternoon re-run matinee and a giant bucket of popcorn

6. the pop-pop sound of the gatorade cups falling on the ground as I pass through the aid station at mile 10

7. grilled chicken, no sauce, no nothing, just smoke and grill

8. a ten dollar bill tucked in my pants pocket after I thought I’d lost it a week ago

9. the smell of old wood and scented candles at the old country store in my home town

10. an email from an online buddy saying “tag” :)


  1. Oooooh … a list. I love lists. :)

  2. what the hell is a cicada? Do we have them in Canada? Are they big and gross?

  3. mmm, plain grilled chicken.

  4. If you found that $10 bill in Canada it would be worth $12.34 – you could buy way more cicadas (whatever the hell they are)with that kind of cash!

  5. ahhh, #2

  6. Ahhh, what a relaxing list! Makes me think of summer if you hadn’t added the one about wet, cold pant legs.

  7. A cicada, for our Canadian friends.

  8. …. and I thought cicadas were a kind of jujube. :)