Thirteen! Thirteen! Thirteen!

This guy is walking along the sidewalk besides a very high wooden privacy fence. From behind it he can hear people chanting “Thirteen! Thirteen! Thirteen!”. The fence is too high to see over and he’s dying to know what is going on in there.

So he looks around and finds a small knothole and looks through. Suddenly someone jams a stick through the hole and poke him right in the eye.

“Fourteen! Fourteen! Fourteen!”

I ran 13 miles yesterday in the woods and it was absolutely freezing. It was about 10F in the woods but the wind made it about -100! I wore extra layers but it was not enough, even with my special windblock running pants. I had to make a pitstop and when I started moving again, I had cooled down so much I was getting chills. The sweat on my jacket had frozen.

We had a huge rainstorm a few days ago and all the snow was gone. Then a light dusting of snow came along with freezing temps. So there were some icy patches in the woods, but mostly frozen mud. There was also a race recently because all the markers were still up.

There was only one hunter on the trails this time. He seemed a little bothered that I was there. Maybe I scared the rabbit away. :)

I passed two mountain bikers that looked very cold and a group of three runners that looked like they were wearing only long underwear. Wierd.

By the time I got back to the truck, I had thick ice on my mustache and eyebrows and I was shaking from the cold. My chin was numb. I wished I had brought some hot soup or something for snack afterwards. A half frozen banana is not exactly a great post-run snack. Blech.

My legs are damn sore today, especiallymy calves. I need to do crosstraining, but maybe I will rest instead.

Sorry for the long breaks this week in posting. Work has been crazy and then I get home and only want to do mindless computer stuff like Blogshares. Not that its really mindless but alot of the trading and stuff is just mechanical. Coming up with artefact descriptions is harder but still easier than posting on the blog.

My wife has been videotaping me sleeping at night to show me that I have sleep apnea. Its kinda scary because 1) I have apnea, and 2) if my wife became a psycho killer, she could kill me anytime.

Its kinda spooky to see yourself sleeping, in that green nightvision image. I looked dead. Spooky. Anyway, I need to go pay my $25 and see the MD about getting a ‘scrip for one of those machines. Unless its caused by huge tonsils. Did I mention I have huge tonsils? They’re huge. That’s why my voice sounds like I’m eating lunch all the time. If it would fix the apnea, I’d have them taken out right now (uh, with anesthesia though).

Hope you all are having a good week.


  1. Fifteen. You’re a little weird.

    As for the tonsils..I have big tonsils too.

    I am sorry you have sleep apnea :(

    Good for you for getting out there in the weather. Very hard core.

  2. Good run. It’s been wet, cold and icy here to so I’m sticking to the treadmill. I hope it warms up soon. I had a friend who spent a couple of nights at a sleep clinic. He has sleep apnea. I’m told that sometimes it has a lot to do with your size (he’s a musclehead). Hmmmmm…

  3. I would absolutely die if someone videotaped me sleeping…i would die if someone videotaped me awake, come to think of it.

    Great run. It’s now 20something degrees here and i am sitting and debating a 45 minute run…while the sun is still out. you may just be responsible for pushing me out the door.

  4. I only hiked about six miles/six miles road in the freezing cold and I was wiped out. I came home a chowed, it is amazing how much energy it takes to warm your body. I definitely want a hot tub.

  5. frolicking filly says

    I have to say there are so many times that your blog makes me laff out loud. So what exactly is sleep apnea. What does it look like?

  6. Good job on the run – I didn’t feel like being hardcore so I stayed inside. So I think you’re pretty awesome for getting out there (but yes, next time bring soup/hot cocoa and dry, warm clothes!).

    BTW, my mom had a sleep study done and she said it was creepy. She got a CPAP and the difference is amazing – she sleeps incredibly well when she wears it.

  7. Great job with the frozen run!

    We taped ourselves sleeping a long time ago. It was very interesting – I talk a lot in my sleep and it was hilarious to watch. Brent always tells me I’m doing a lot of crazy stuff but I never believed him until then. I also wave my hands around in the air a lot!!

  8. Good for you, running and freezing and freezing some more! Do you snore on tape too!

  9. You made me laugh, Jon. Thanks!
    Good job on the run with all the frosties.

  10. Good job on the run. Heh, I like frozen bananas.

  11. Haha…it sounds so stupid..but it is quite funny ;).

    I talk in my sleep. Once, my friend was telling me I was talking about some computer chip and what not…

  12. You’r hilarious dude – now why did I get a picture in my mind of you peeking through the hole in the fence – would you do that?

    We’ve had temperatures in the 50’s and rain. I ran for over 3 1/2 hours in the rain on Saturday, still better than running on ice.

    My wife keeps threatening to videotape me in the sleep – she claims that I snore – funny I’ve never heard this;-)

  13. lmao! (even if if i have heard it before. somehow even with typing, you have a good delivery!)

    as for the CPAP machine, you won’t get it without a proper sleep study. (notwithstanding your wife’s own home sleep laboratory!) you should see a sleep doc anyway, so they can tell you if it’s your “tonsils” that are the problem. maybe you need a UPPP. (google it.)

  14. If you really have sleep apnea and you get a CPAP, you will feel 1000x better during the day! I can’t wait till this video gets leaked to the internet :)

  15. That blogshares site is crazy. I don’t know if I really understand it, but I have to leave it quickly, because I suspect it’s exactly the kind of addictive thing I’d get sucked into. Be strong!!

  16. Pilates. Absolutely great. Stretches, strengthens – all in the same bit.

    Then, there’s the complete lesson in humility when you realize exactly how inflexible you’ve gotten from the running.

    (and most of the tapes are done by fit young women, which is a plus)

  17. I had a neighbor in GA who got a CPAP, and said it did wonders for his sleep–he was somewhat overweight. I have apnea, but with all my recent moving and changing jobe, I haven’t had the same insurance long enough to see the same doctor two appointments in a row. Maybe now that I’m settling in for the long haul, I can see a doctor about the machine. My apnea scares the hell out of my wife.

  18. Hey that sleep apnea can be serious! Get that taken care of, will you?
    And good job on the runs…
    I’ve never bothered to figure out Blogshares either. Seems a little like fantasy football, no? Eh, maybe I”m way off base.

  19. Your wife is a psycho killer? You should get that looked at, that can be serious and harmful to your whole family.

  20. Lovely. Now I when I’m running the Police Half M in April I will chant 13! with a very silly grin on my face. Great job to get ‘r done in the cold!

    Dealing with tonsils sounds much easier than obtaining one of those machines (my step dad has one). Hope it’s just the tonsils.

  21. i’ll bet you a pound of chocolate that if you’d had a decent snack after the run (and stretched properly) the legs would have been fine. i’m finding that hard workouts, followed by something like a ham sandwich with cheese, or a powerbar, or chocolate milk, within 15 minutes of finishing, makes a HUGE difference in how the legs feel the following day.

    oh, and get this…the best my legs felt after a hard run was when i had a krispie kreme donut afterward.

  22. Promise me you won’t ban me from the sight forever, but I keep seeing this word spelled incorrectly, WEIRD. I know the rule is “i” before “e” except after c, but this word is weird. That’s how I explain it to my students.

    I have tried to hold my tongue, or fingers as it were, but as an English teacher I have lost control. Perhaps it is my frustration with the inability of the 7th grader to learn anything (about curricula, anyway)

    I promise it will not happen again.