I had a dream last night that I was running in three races in Europe. France, Belgium, Germany. We got on the plane in France, and the next thing I know we were on the street in France, 3 days later and the races were all over. I had no memory of them at all and everyone was waving goodbye to each other. There I was on the street and had no clue where I was (well, aside from France) or how to get home.


  1. Great! I hope that dream comes true for you. i think you’d figure out how to get home! Be well.

  2. Hmmm, sounds like a good idea for a RBF get together, three runs in three countries. And if you drink too much wine the night before you might forget everything ;-)

  3. Left, go left!

  4. this sounds a lot like stefano’s three-city race. only that was actually in one country. so, actually, it sounds nothing like it. but yeah. Hang a left.

  5. is it that dream where you are standing on a pyramid like building with a thousand women surrounding you screaming and throwing litte pickles at you?

    Why am I the only one that has that dream?
    -Val Kilmer (Real Genius)

  6. I’m digging out the book on this one…

  7. Oh, MAN. The dream sounds a bit baffling. On the one hand, you don’t experience the agony of running 3 races. But then you also miss the cameraderie of hanging out the other racers ….

    by the way the pickle dream is hilarious.

  8. i love those sorts of fun, confusing and exciting dreams…where there’s a story line that makes sense during the dream, but when you recall it, it sounds really bizarre.