In a word

Dawn had a challenge for summing up your goals for 2006 in one word. I decided that word is MODERATION.

I find that alot of things I do, I end up doing to extreme. I not only go into them, but far too far into them to make it enjoyable.

Example 1. Eating. I could eat until I exploded. Usually I stop eating at lunchtime so that other people don’t get annoyed because they have to stay at the restaurant longer. I could probably eat more than any of you. And unfortanately, I often do. The phrase “I don’t want to spoil my dinnner” never applies because it can’t happen. I ate lunch today at a Chinese buffet and left because we had been there and hour and a half. All that halloween candy I bought and nobody came to claim? I ate it all. All. Every single piece. I found myself stuffing it in my mouth with the STUPID thought in my head that it was to get rid of it. Gosh, where did the freaking 15 pounds come from? Why, it came from Meijer where I bought all the freaking Halloween candy.

Example 2. Running. I run like most of you do. But I don’t just run. I think about running. All the time. I talk about it and blog about and surf the web and read articles and subscribe to magazines and read books and have dreams about it and don’t stop talking about it until everyone around me begins to avoid me so that don’t have to talk about running which isn’t that exciting when you think about it. And I obsess about it. And I worry about it. I worry about pace, and training, and my shins, and the right foods, the wrong foods, vitamins, ice, heat, and every single little hint in the magazines that I might try to help my running. I buy as many little gadgets and nicknacks and stuff to fill my house with. I have my training plan in my planner, and copy on the computer desk, and at work, and I gave a copy to my wife, and its on the Flylady calendar. And I have a million shoes. Too much.

Example 3. Diving. As I begin selling the dive stuff I realized I did the same thing to diving that I do to running. Except that the dive gear is more expensive. The cost of the dive computers alone would have paid for my shoes this year. And next. Heck, I could have bought 6 Forerunners. I obsessed the same way instead of just going diving. No blogs but I spent ALL my free time talking on-line about it. Heck, my license plate is personalized and its a stupid dive joke. Most of the expensive hardware is off to other people at a fraction of what I paid for it, but I still have wet suits hanging in the basement, a big truck of “just in case gear”, first aid kits, oxygen tanks (real O2, not just air), and somewhere I have big pile of lead weights. Again, too much.

Example 4. Talking. Too much talk talk. Blah blah blah. I talk too much. I need to listen more and talk less. Talk talk is about being in the center with attention focused on me. Blah blah blah, look at me. Too much.

So this year, it will be MODERATION.

1) I will run, but I am going to be reasonable in my pursuit of it. Run the schedule, stive for speed, but don’t live it all day long when I’m not running. I don’t have to talk about it all day long. And coworkers will appreciate it.

2) I’m going to eat NORMALLY. Eat regular meals. No more eating over the sink, because that meal will not register on the I-already-had-dinner meter. That giant chunk of cold chicken I had standing in the kitchen turned into a snack before dinner, instead of being dinner. Normal meals, normal food.

3) Less surfing. I know I had this last year but I’m going to try again. Again, MODERATION in the surfing. I see a nasty monster raising its ugly surfing head again, its called Blogshares. I can see myself getting sucked into excessive webtime with some other new thing. I will be moderate in my computer usage. To put that in the right tense (as Beansprout says), I am moderate in my computer usage.

4. Less talk talk. Less blah blah. More tell-me-about-you.

Ok, these broad objectives, I came up with some more specific fitness goals.

1. 7:00 5K. Yes, I know I tried this last year, but I really, really want my 5K PR to beat a 7:00 pace average. This is achievable. I can do this. I have to work very very hard but I feel like I can do it.

2. Around the Bay 30K. I’m all over this race. Its my first race outside the US, my first 30K, and hopefully there will be some cool bloggers there to meet up with.

3. Touch my toes. I used to be able to touch my toes with my knees locked back. Now I can only do it (and painfully I must say) with my legs “straight”. This comes from having very tight hamstrings. I’m working on it and I’m making progress.

4. Locate my abs again. I lost them some time last summer and its been very distressing ever since. I know this is a very non-specific goal but I really, really want them back. I want abs like nobody’s business. I want abs so hot that my shirt might melt if its made out of polyester. This will require doing my Captain’s Chair leg lifts (straight legs) again, and losing those extra pounds.

5. The split. My adductors are like steel cables and that may be one of problems with my form. I need to lengthen them and one of the things that is helping, is doing…well…splits. We used to do them when I was younger and taking Tae Kwon Do. Not like we were doing cheerleader splits, but it was pretty good. Right now I’m about 20 inches off the floor, which is not so very good. My goal is to hit 12 inches, with a stretch (heh, heh good pun) objective of 8 inches from the floor. This may sound bad, but if I can get 8 inches, I’ll be damn happy.

6. My second marathon………………..bwaaaaahahahahahaahaa! Gotcha. :)

7. Get rid of 1000 pounds of junk from my house. My house and basement is so full I want to scream. I want to clean it out but I need measurables. 1000 pounds. I’m already at about 20 pounds with the Ebay stuff that went out. Keep track, its going.

Ok, that’s enough of those. I can’t think of much else to put in there that isn’t covered by those goals already. Long and rambling, like I promised.

Oh wait!

8. Chocolate Fridays. I will have a Chocolate Friday post on FRIDAYS. Yeah I know, rinse and repeat, but I gotta keep trying.


  1. that whole eating over the sink thing hits home..

    Moderation is an AWESOME goal!

  2. In truth I tell you that, just as I was reading about your abs setting fire to your shirt, a potato chip laden with french onion dip fell right out of my mouth into my lap. Coincidence? I’m not so sure!

  3. Gosh Jon, when I started reading your post I had to stop and look to see if I was on my blog. Three of your examples (I don?t dive) so closely resemble what I think that I could have written the text.

    My word for 2006 is ?maintain?, mostly in the fitness department. Last year I was heavy into PR?s, this year I am trying to put the fun back into running. With the exception of my March marathon I am picking races that have fun appeal. This year?s fun factor seems to have a lot to do with cross-country, mountains and trails. For me these type of races have less to do with running fast and more to do with running fun.

    You have some mighty fine goals, I wish you the best of luck in 2006!

  4. The only one I worry about is blog-related. I don’t mind if you surf less, but you can’t post in moderation. got that? good luck jon.

  5. You are definitely the man. Great plan. ShoreTurtle tracks his weekly & monthly mileage in his blog header – maybe you could keep us all apprised of your progress toward 1,000 pounds and 12/8 inches.

  6. Okay- I gotta know. What are these Captain’s Chair leg lifts that give you abs of steel? Share the secret :-D

    I can relate to the need for moderation in one’s life. Good goal to have. Looks like you have plenty of virtual support and real-life support as well! Here’s to a super running/diving/moderate 2006!

  7. Love this post! Love it!

  8. Good word!
    so kick back for a minute and CHILL..deep breaths

  9. Chocolate Friday… suuuuuuuuure. Whatever Jon.

    Doesn’t it feel good to redefine for the year? I love it. I’m also purging, and I’m thinking if weather permits, I’m going to have a yard sale this weekend.

  10. I can relate to the eating over the sink and really wanting to find my abs. Has the spelling AND the grammar police been after you too? Kick her butt around the Bay!

  11. Chocolate Friday again! YAY!

  12. I’ll come clean out your junk if you’ll run for me…deal?

  13. Just how much cholcoat eis there in the world to write about it every Friday?
    And what happens if you split down to eight inches and you can’t get up?
    And I can recommend the “moderation” plan. It’s a good one.

  14. Moderation is good! Although I don’t think you can ever think, talk, or blog too much about running. Happy New Year.

  15. I love your 06 goals! I think you’re going to knock them out of the park. I think most of us are right there with you on the obsession with our running. I’m constantly adding my monthly mileage, calcing times and such ALL day at work! It’s just so much more interesting…..

    We are also getting rid of all the CRAP we’ve accumulated in our house this year. It’s just TOO much, it’s suffocating us. It’s all going on Ebay!

  16. Ahhh….great goals, Jon! These really could make an enormous difference in your life! As for kicking my butt Around The Bay…hmmm…bring it on! I’m pretty sure you’re faster than me but I’m always up to taking on a challenge.

  17. It sounds like you’re obsessive-compulsive, like many runners I know (including myself). E. calls me “one-track minded.” In a way, that’s a good thing – it allows us to focus on something like a laser. The bad thing is that we don’t like letting to. So I empathize.

    I hardly every talk about running at work, but if a co-worker asks me what I did over the weekend, and I tell them I ran a 10k or did a nice, long run, he/she usually says something like, “You’re a running fanatic!” Which is ridiculous and irritating: I spend only a total of about 6 hours a week actually logging miles. That’s far, far fewer than the average amount of weekly TV-watching time for adults. But we don’t call people who watch TV (read: Everydamnbody) “TV fanatics.”

    Okay, I’m off my soapbox.

  18. Moderation – great word, and good luck with it. Especially getting rid of the junk. I too, know how hard it is to part with

  19. “Less talk talk” What? No Way! Jon, you are one of the funniest people I know–please keep up the “talk talk”!