Think you’re a car nut?

Look carefully at these two spark plugs. One of them is brand new and has the appropriate gap of .054″. The other one was carelessly left in use for more than 70,000 miles, creating a gap of .087″, by a mindless idiot who was not diligent in his automotive maintanence schedule. Which is which?


  1. I’m just guessing, but I would say the one on the left is the new one ;-)

    p.s. I ordered my Dog Dazer last night :-) I can’t wait to put it into use. I found myself practicing the line “Go ahead, make my day” on the train this morning ;-)

  2. I enjoy doing my maintenance and mine were just as bad. It makes you engine tougher!

  3. Show me the gap! Probably the one on the right is yawning more.

  4. am i supposed to be paying attention to stuff like that on my car?

  5. I vote for left = new. But the only gap I know is a dept. store. I’m a shopping nut not a car nut.

  6. mind the gap please


  7. frolicking filly says

    left i bet. not mindless,,unless it stops working why mess with it!! right

  8. Don’t ask me how long it’s been since we took the wife’s car in for service. You really don’t want to know…

  9. just so you know, since I quit smoking I can smell a car that has bad plugs whenever it is in front of me, now aren’t you glad I shared, hehe!?

  10. Those are spark plugs? I thought u use them for weight lifting :)…

  11. i want to know who the mindless idiot was…

  12. hmm. kinda makes me wanna run out and i dunno… get an oil change ‘er something!

  13. it’s supposed to be simple. it’s a children’s story.

  14. Makes me think I should make sure we change the oil in our car before our 14 hour car trip on Christmas, eh?

    Wait. That’s what husbands are for. ;)

  15. geesh…really scraping the bottom of the barrel for blog material aren’t you?

  16. I hate cars. Insides. That’s what men are for.

  17. Jon, have you checked the tread on your tires lately? Geesh. Your left rear brake light is out too. And what’s that blue smoke coming out of your tailpipe?
    I hate cars.

  18. Ryan Michael Skelly says

    Its clearly the one that says “Motorcraft” on it :P