Lost bloggers

Sometimes while I am surfing the web, I come across blogs that just kinda stop abruptly. It might be the first entry or they may be making regular entries, but for some reason they stop and never start again. No indication why. Do they just get bored? Too busy? Did they die?

I get very curious about peoples lives (some might call that nosey), and I wonder what happens to them. I used to read Stephanie Seales’ blog (Life of the Phoenix), and her’s was one of the first ones that I ever read. But she moved her blog to a new spot, went on a trip to Scotland, then came back and deleted it. Makes me wonder what happened to her.

One time I found a running blog where the guy was a really serious runner and posted every day. Then he stopped for a while, and later his last entry was about a serious car accident he was in and how it would take him a year to recover. No follow up after that.

There was one guy who ran a blog called “TJ’s place“. It was about working in a…well…gentlemen’s establishment. He was supposedly the assistant manager. He took a trip to see the Olympics, and that was the last post he made, or maybe he made one more after that. There were about 1000 comments asking where he was, but he never responded. Some people think he died, and others think he faked the whole thing and just couldn’t keep posting any more.

Then there’s Pink Stiletto. She had a cool blog and then she had a run-in with a coworker and stopped blogging. It was obvious why she stopped, but I still wonder what happened to her.

Did ya ever find an interesting blog that just kinda stopped?


  1. Knock on wood… I hope I can keep up with mine & if I’m going to stop, post a good-bye.

    I’m a bit of newbie to this thing…

  2. This is sooo funny Jon. If I stop blogging w/out saying why it’s definitely b/c I died. Since I live alone either my boss or the bloggers will know first…

  3. I dearly miss Kathy from Pounding Pavement. She was so fun and funny. :(

  4. If I die I am going to freak everyone out by blogging about it.

  5. Charlie hasn’t been around in a while, and in fact her blog is gone. And I know what you mean. It makes me wonder, too. Maybe we need to lighten up!

  6. I can explain the disappearance of your first blog link (Pokey-man)… I think because he spelled chocolate (chocalate) in his link to you that you went out there and killed him. He’s from Michigan. Your from Michigan. He’s try to lose a few pounds. You’re trying to lose a few pounds. Coincidence? Hmmm…I think NOT! Admit it. You took the heavy smokin’ fool down.

  7. It’s in my will that when I go, my wife not only has to keep up the blog but start running as well.

  8. Yeah. Check out my classmate’s blog. He asked me to build it, provide links. Then he never posted. The most recent post is one I made on it in showing him how to hyperlink to other pages.

  9. I have another blog, in my blogger acct but I seldom post to it. I started it only to get a blogger acct so as not to be anonymous. Occasionally I use it to figure out how to do something for a friend who doesn’t understand blogger. Perhaps some of these people saw it as a passing “fad” and moved on. Kind of like the chat rooms in Yahoo games. People come and go. Saddly sometimes such is life.

  10. Remember Hutch?

  11. That is a weird phenomenom. I just wanted to say PHENOM E NOM!

  12. Yeah – Delightfully Mundane stopped blogging and I’m worried about her….

  13. Jon, this is totally unrelated, but – have you smelled the new Givenchy men’s cologne? It’s the only chocolate cologne I’ve smelled that really does smell like chocolate. I’d get hungry wearing it.

  14. I wonder about those stopped abruptly blogs myself. Makes me wonder if I met my fate, who would let all of my 3 readers now about “that’s all folks”.
    I was addicted to TJ’s Place. Maybe someone tipped off his employers so he had to stop.

  15. Surfing on blogs I found Mark’s Blog, is pretty cool, why did he stop posting? his last post was in like… september… just curious… your blog is awesome too, I love it.

  16. funny you should post this ..i’ve been deleting blogs that haven’t posted since Sept from my daily read list….along with those that have music videos blarring (I’m reading at work and don’t want the noise to tell everyone I’mnot working)

  17. All the time! I always worry that they were in a car crash. Sometimes I wonder why blogger doesn’t delete old blogs after a couple of years. It seems like quite a few ppl stop posting after their first marathon, but I have no clue why!

  18. hmmm, know what you mean, maybe they quit running and are to ashamed to post that they are a couch potato!!!

  19. errr, maybe i should post,, and you know say,, that i think about running and am not a couch potato,,, can you be a couch potato if you NEVER get control of the remote?

  20. Not yet, I haven’t blog long enough. Yeah, it is a hard thing when u don’t know what happen to that person….

  21. I’ve wondered what Kirsten (Mid Pack Mom) is up to but I think she just busy. I’ll e-mail her and find out!

  22. hahaha this is so funny! I thought I was the only one! I wonder about this kind of thing all the time. In fact, I sometimes make up really elaborate stories about what might have happened to them. It’s often like reading a misprinted book, where the pages are blank after the first few chapters. How does their story end? I really loved this entry.

  23. I’m the same, curious/nosey type – there should be a law that says if you start a blog, you’re obliged to update, or at least give a good explanation if you suddenly stop. I guess many blogs that I follow have had breaks (few months or so), but then continued – and many bloggers have an email adress in the profile, so I’ve often sent a “what’s up” message when someone disappears for a while :)
    You passed the “patent bar” (that still sounds like a Chocolate Friday’s newest experiment more than a fancy degree to me), right? Congrats, that’ huge!

  24. 23 comments? What the hell?? Did you start pimping yourself out or something? Remember Oliver from Ye t Another Running Blog? He’s totally disappeared off the face of the …uh…blogoshpere?Remember Pamalama?She was the best! A good runner and SUPER funny. Sad about her.

  25. Thank goodness the rest of us are here. It’s better than the neighborhood bar, church or park bench.

  26. Yeah. I really loved Hollie’s marathon blog. You know the one. It’s called “You’re gonna run in a what?” :)She has a great writing style, so that’s what I really miss.

  27. Yeah, one of the prominent bloggers in Singapore stopped blogging for a while and everyone got worried. Later found out that she had died of a rare blood disease. Really sad.

  28. Me? I missed Christian, but it looks like he might be back, and especially Lafe, who’s still blogging, but not running.

  29. I just got tired of blogging about running when I developed so many injuries from the marathon that I no longer wanted to run. Now I’m going out for a couple little ones each week but have lost all interest in blogging about it. Hence the transition to food. I wonder if you’re talking about Oliver’s blog in Germany. I wondered what happened to him? I deleted the link to his blog because he just kind of disappeared, but I always wondered…

  30. Hey Jon,

    I just ran upon this entry today and wanted to let you know that I am still around. I went to England for the summer, got engaged to an Englishmen that I met in 2004 (one of the King’s Singers if you remember my entry about that concert), and am now moving to London after our wedding. Sorry I didn’t let you know. Come back and visit!