Is it just me?

Is it just me or is Rachael Ray, from the Food Network, hot?

Or is it the food?


  1. Don’t know about the HOT thing? But I’d love to know what the hell she’s doing with 3 clocks and a stir fry?

  2. Is that a jump drive in your skillet or are you just gald to see me?

  3. I *swear* to you Jon…I was JUST having this conversation with another friend this weekend…how men (and some women, I assume) think she’s hot. I know other men who would agree with you, for sure.

  4. She’s hot in a rather obvious sort of way, Jon. Of course, you have to like that sort of thing. ;-)

  5. She definitley lights up a room!

  6. Hmmmm. Superdeecute maybe, in an ‘I love unicorn suncatchers and beanie babies’ kind of way.

  7. My sons think so! And for whatever reason, because they don’t cook, they say they LOVE the cooking channel:)

  8. For me it’s the clocks.

    I find women in my life very..uh..slow. Makeup, hair, (I don’t even know what they spend time doing).

    So, a women who has not 1 but 3 clocks, now that’s attractive.

  9. my 5 year old grandson agrees wih you. he is madly in love with Rachael Ray. he will stop what he is doing sit down and watche her.

  10. she’s definitely prettier than Chef Mario or Emeril. Bobby Flay is kinda hottie, too.

  11. Two words: She’s no Nigella Lawson.

  12. Hot…humm, not so much. Maybe cute, oh and also annoying! For some reason, she bugs the crap out of me!

  13. I kinda think she’s annoying too but maybe I’m just jealous!

  14. Well said Deene! I watch her shows quite often, I catch my hubby watching too, before he could care less about MStewart or anyone else for that matter!

  15. I think she is pretty cute but my wife doesn’t like her little laugh…

  16. she’s cute. i like her positivity even though it bugs people. (jealousy! ha ha) she’s always smiling and stuff. we could use more people like that around eh? i think if she just sat there and didn’t smile or laugh she wouldn’t be quite as attractive but thats just me–i’m a little corny.

  17. Is the clocks…it’s all about the clocks…..

    why is she holding so many clocks??

  18. I think anyone who can cook dinner in 30 minutes WITH DESSERT can come to my house any time. She’s definitely a cutie pie and I love her shows. WAY better than the Good Eats, Top 5 or Unwrapped – which annoy me AND bore me to death.

    I like it that she’s not too thin, like the Everyday Italian girl, whose smile is wider than her hips. You can’t tell me the EE host actually EATS ITALIAN. Rachel cooks and eats normally, like I do – she just cooks it faster, somehow!

  19. She’s cute in a “cheerleader in high school you could never get with” sort of way. She annoys me too…but I still watch.

  20. My husband is ga-ga over her. I might as well not be in the room when she’s on. She IS really cute, though…

  21. YES!!!

  22. I have never been a cook, but thanks to Rachael, I’m in my kitchen. I thank her for her creativity and she makes cooking seem effortless and less intimidating. Thanks Rachael.