While I was stretching by the truck after my run, I noticed alot more steam in the air than could be coming from my breathing. I looked in the window reflection and saw that my whole body was steaming. It looked like I was on fire!

I did my long run this AM at the park. I got up late so I had to cut it short. 6.14 miles, 53:54 (according to Ghostrunner), instead of my planned 7. It was faster than I had meant to run (8:47 overall). Maybe I subconsciously wanted to hurry up because I was late. I’m very certain I could have finished the distance, but I had already stretched the time too far and needed to get home.

Mile time
1 9:09
2 9:06
3 8:21
4 8:22
5 8:52
6 8:48
7 8:19

I started out pretty good with my pace. Then I got too pumped up or something and didn’t come back down again. Mile six had the big hill so that’s why I was able to slow a little. Mile 7 was really just that last tenth hanging on at the end. A little sprint with the truck in sight :)

I was surprised to see so many people out there early on a Sunday morning. Some were running, some walking. Some dog people too.

I ate a banana about 1/2 hour before I left and drank a little dilute Gatorade during the run. It was damn cold too outside too! The thermometer on my back porch said it was 40F! I put on my long sleeve CoolMax shirt that I bought on clearance in the spring. Even outside in the sun, it wasn’t much warmer. I wore my gloves too, but by mile 4 my hands were pretty warm. After the run, I had a banana in the truck, the rest of the dilute gatorade, and my big glass of chololate milk with a little cinnamon.

Shins were well behaved. Left ITB felt a little tight at one point, I stopped for 15 seconds and stretched and then went on. No pain at any point, and I had left the strap in the truck. Getting really sick of that thing, but I’ll try to use it when I can until my abductors hit their weight lifting goal. It keeps slipping down when I run and hits my knee cap. My leg is too cone shaped and so it slides down to the lowest point. Need duct tape.

I’m a little behind my goal with this run getting cut short. Higdon always says “don’t cheat on the long runs”. Feel like I did that today. I’m also running them faster than I should. I just feel like if I run them slower, it will irritate my ITB. At the same time, it felt really good to run faster. I liked the pace and I felt like I was moving instead of trudging. I don’t want to trudge in the race. I’m not speedy but I don’t want to trudge.

Tomorrow is “stretch and strength” but its a rest day really. Extra stretching to loosen all the stuff you hurt during the long run. Strength for the weak muscles. I may do lower body weights. Maybe upper too. My son has gymnastics on Monday evenings so I don’t have alot of time to workout.


  1. Whoo hoo! A long, fast run without any pain. That’s great!! Sounds like you are back:)

  2. Sounds like the healing and the retraining is coming along nicely…MrZ just got his run analyzed thanks to the advice of Pam…she even sent us a link to a plac ein town that does it. IMagine their suprise when they asked him how they heard about the place and he said “My wife’s friend in Canada” …hehe.

  3. As always, I am thrilled and amazed with your work. It’s great to see your recovery moving along (slowly, which is the best way), and seeing you heading back towards your goals. Good reboot.

  4. Well done Jon. Looking strong my man!

  5. Smokin’ in more ways than one! Great job Jon!

  6. Secretly I love it when it’s cold enough for me to be steamy afterwards. I am so easily amused.
    YAY you for on a good run!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Back when my head was shaved I loved running when it was cold out just to watch the steam pour off my head. Cool story Jon and keep up the good work!

  8. Thanks, everybody! :) :)